Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekly Photos

Today I uploaded all 200+ photos I have taken with my new camera. In a week. I know. But, to be fair we had a couple really nice days this week so I couldn't NOT use the fantastic outdoor light. Plus, we had  the Kid's Taekwondo ceremony and Scout Sunday at the church. Perfect places to play with my new toy!

If I keep this up I may do a weekly photo post of my favorite photos. Please, if you know anything about cameras let me know if you see anything I could have done better. I used the auto focus on all of these, I think. I was playing with the manual focus for a while, but I don't think there were them.

 I know this one has too much sun on the side of his face...but it's oh so cute!

 I think he wants to do Taekwondo like his brother!

 My speedy kid!

 This was a zoom in from across the field. Used the awesome 55-250mm lens.

 Found a feather at the beach. I was up on the boardwalk and used the big lens again.

 My favorite shot. I have to figure out how to stop the blur!

 Yes, that high kicker is MY Kid!

 Last time wearing his Brown Belt.


The Kid also ran his first 5K on Saturday! In about 33 minutes!!
This was taken by me with Hubby's iPhone.

 Reading a line at Scout Sunday at the church.

 There were about 13 kids playing in the neighborhood today! We enjoyed the weather so much!

 By far my favorite shot of the Kid so far! He was just walking toward me and I picked up the camera.

This was hard to catch! They were going totally opposite for a while, but they finally started swinging together. Doesn't that mean they are married now?

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Mrs C said...

Oh, so adorable! Happy pictures I can totally relate to. I remember when my boys went through their 'karate' phase a few years ago and at the same time our house maid went back to her country for 2 months vacation and my husband so sweet of him tried to help me with laundry and he turned the boys's karate suit into orange! We washed the suits with an orange table cloth LOL! Anyway, sorry to take up so much space but I cant help remembering when seeing your pics:)

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