Friday, February 26, 2010

The Snow Workout

I have been doing great this week. Despite the massive snow we just got dumped on us, once again.
I was at the gym on Mon and Wed and did 2.5 miles in about 30 minutes each time. Yesterday the Kid had an early dismissal and then I was watching a friend's daughter so I wasn't able to get over there....but today... Ah. Hubby had to go to work (took him double the time to get there- that means it took 3 HOURS for him to get to work today) so I was on my own with this white hell that the sky keep giving us. So I bundled up the kids and went out to shovel our driveway. For those of you who have never been here (all of you) my driveway is loooooong. We can easily park 4 cars in it and if we really squeeze we could probably fit a 5th. But, I did it.! I did about 40 minutes and then we could hear the neighborhood kids out, so we went next door and played for a while. Then I brought the Baby home to nap and the Kid to have lunch and went back out for another 1/2 an hour! I came back in sweatier than I ever imagined I would have been.
There goes the guilt of not making it to the gym in 2 days.
Hubby is home all weekend, so I will be making frequent trips. :)
Few more days until my weigh in. I am very excited to see how I have done.

I also made some yummy food this week. I made a fantastic pot of turkey chili and a southwest chicken & white bean soup. Very filling, yet has so many good things in it! I'll post the recipes later, if you want.

And since I started writing this, I have seen the sun come out and then it started snowing again, then the sun came out again and now it's all cloudy and some flakes are coming down again. ugh. I am SO ready for spring. We better have a nice one.

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