Sunday, December 14, 2008

Help me choose a camera!

I am so sick of my camera. I am sick of the red eye that makes my Baby look like the devil. I am sick of the missed smiles because there is a delay on every shot I take. I am sick that the once 'waterproofing' of my camera has been broken for the last 2 years. I have the Pentax Optio. It only has 5 megapix and I know there are cameras out there with more than double that! But I honestly don't know what megapixels are. ARGH!

Dear Santa,
I would love new camera for Christmas.
Love, Beach Mama

I have told my family to just give me cash so I can get a nice camera to take more (and better) pictures of the kids.
...Now I just have to figure out which one to get. It will depend on how much money I receive, of course. I do love that I can just stick my little camera in my pocket where ever I go. I do love that there is a little video feature that I can take if I don't have my actual video camera.. which is over 8 years old and massive compared to the ones out there now.. but I digress it's a photo camera I am looking to buy now.

So here are my very important questions I am throwing out there for all of you that take and have beautiful pictures on your blogs...or just have a good camera and want to share with me what you have.

First I will tell you that I have an awesome Canon RebelXs camera that I got back in 1996 for a college class. It is film, not digital. But I have a 35-80mm lens that came with it. Do all Canons have interchangeable lenses? Would I be better off buying a more expensive body of a camera and just use the lens I have?
I am leaning toward getting a full big body camera, I can still use my smaller one outside and stick it in my pocket if I want to leave my good new one behind...especially for amusement parks and the like. Or would a powershot or elph be just as good? I am not set on a Canon, but I figured since I have one with an extra lens it would be easier. If you have another camera and want to let me know all about it, please do.

- I have been seeing online and in some people posting something about SLR. What exactly is that? I read about it on wiki and I still don't quite understand it. Anyone have a simpler explanation? Or is it not really worth it for someone like me? Is it more for professionals?
- What do you need to be able to just push the button and take the picture with NO delay? This one is super important. The delay kills me!
- Is there any way to eliminate red eye without that flashy light and delay before the shot?
- Is there ANYTHING else I should be looking for to have a great camera?

I love photography. And when I was taking the class in college and the first year of the Kid's life while I was using the film camera I took shots that were beautiful. I just can't get the same degree of photos with my little handheld.

I really appreciate any and all suggestions and help I can get.


AndreAnna said...

If you already have Canon lenses, get a Canon digital SLR - get the XTi. It's easy for new users and a really good camera.

A Digital SLR is basically a regular camera that's digital if that makes any sense.

And the best way to take awesome pictures is with a great flash. The add-on flash is an expensive addition to an already expensive hobby but it is by far the best investment I've made in my camera.

Also, having a good lens with image stabilizer helps and I love my 70-300 zoom lens. Again, expensive add-ons that you can get as time goes on,

Sherry said...

I have a neat lil sony cybershot, love love love it Also have a mid size canon with great zoom lens, love it. Also have a nice big flashy Canon camera that is totally awesome, won't fit in my pocket but take great pics. Then I have the kodack easy share, great one and have some vititar. Ashley has the updated kodack easy share and the nice big Nikon camera. So yeah I love camera and love pictures, so to me a new camera is an awesome camera as are my older ones. No help am I? sorry
OMG I love the Santa pic it's GREAT!!!!!

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I have the canon slr xti & I love it. I am the world's worst at taking pictures, but somehow? Mr Canon makes me look good.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have two decent cameras. But, I'm looking to upgrade my Canon to a better Canon.

However, I SUCK when it comes to picking one out. I actually plan on posting something similar in the coming months as I try to figure out what camera I want.

AndreAnna, obviously, has some good advice. Another one that knows her way around cameras is Cass from Cass Just Curious. And, Burgh Baby's Mom from Burgh Baby (if you don't have these links, they're on my blog or AndreAnna's).

CassJustCurious said...

I recommend calling B&H and telling them the lens you have - sometimes the lens is interchangeable...sometimes it isn't and they have a system that can check. If it does you should go with the Canon for sure.

The difference between Nikon vs. Canon is really pretty small - I love my Nikon and how all Nikon lenses are interchangeable. This was important to me as I'm considering doing more photography in a professional way and if I upgrade my camera body I wanted to keep my initial investment in lenses. I agree with AA about the external flash - well worth it.

Last bit is to make sure you get UV Filters for your lenses - with small kids wanting to grab for the lens it's better to replace a filter then a lens.

Peggy Sue said...

Ok. You know what camera I have and i do love it. What you need to do is make a decision. Do you want a camera that is compact or not! Unfortunatly SLR's and compact do not go together. I figured I'm always carrying around a bag so forget the compact part. As for the speed of taking photos...most are pretty big...but the larger card you have the slower the camera reacts. It's a downfall of digital! Though i love photography, and I too have the good old manual canon, but you'll really have to invest in lugging around alot of stuff if you want a flash, lens, and big camera!

Burgh Baby said...

@Kellie is far too kind, and maybe lying, when she says I know my way around a camera. I'm getting there.

I have a Canon Rebel XTi. It is worth absolutely every single penny I paid for it. I do, however, still occassionally use a point and shoot that I picked up for $30 on Craigslist. I would seriously go big for a "main" camera, and if you find that it's too bulky to use all the time, then worry about a point and shoot. Anything that is not an SLR will have a delay between when you push the button and when it actually takes the picture which totally SUCKS if you are trying to take photos of kids.