Monday, December 15, 2008

How's the Weather?

This was us yesterday. I took this myself. Hubby was at work.
We were in the house most of the day in PJ's. I didn't want to go anywhere. It was too cold and cloudy and just looked crappy out there. But, after the 7th hour of Backyardigans I decided I HAD to get the Kid outside and get some energy out and get some fresh air. So I bundled us up.

He rode up and down the driveway about 20 times.

I sat them together for a cute brother's shot.
This was us TODAY!

It was freaking 64 degrees here in NJ! It's December FIFTEENTH! It was gorgeous. No coats, no hats. I got to see my Baby's chunky little arms today. And the Kid went across the monkey bars all by himself for the first time!


AndreAnna said...

We put off raking leaves until the very last day before township pickup, and wouldn't ya know it was 64 degrees in December? LOL

Sometimes, procrastinating does pay off.

Great pics. Newbie is so dang expressive and Big Bro looks so happy and proud!

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Funny how it was 78 here yesterday, we had to flip the AC on, and now? 27. We dropped 50 degrees in about 4 hours. Crazyness.

Sherry said...

Love the pics all so darn adorable. The boys are PERFECT and hey a great shot of the three of you, good job!!
It's 18 degrees w/ snow on the ground waaaaaaaaaaaay out here in Washington. We never get this kind of weather. Oops can't say that now. The coldest it's been here in 50 yrs and another snow storm on the way. Nope I so don't stick my nose out the door. Give me the fireplace and the heat and I am good to go!!!!
Enjoy your nice weather and keep snapping that camera!!!

Bethany said...

And today (Tuesday) is freezing again!! With the added delight of sleet!

Anonymous said...

We only saw 51 here in NY, but I took it and ran!! Too bad my daughter's been fighting a cold for a week and she wanted nothing to do with going outside.


Burgh Baby said...

Your kids are growing up too fast. It's a fact.

CPA Mom said...

the weather in VA is just as crazy. 20 yesterday. 40 today. 67 tomorrow!! Christmas Eve!!