Friday, December 19, 2008

You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!

I'm so bummed. We were supposed to go up to a friend's house only 30 minutes north of us, but at her house, SNOW. At my house rain rain rain. So we have postponed for another day. Our kids make Christmas cookies each year and exchange little gifts. This year we decided to have the kids make gifts for each other. I can't tell you all what my Kid made for his girlfriend, yet. Her mom reads here, and it's a surprise. LOL!

So we will see them Monday and in the meantime...we made a kick ass gingerbread house in the non-Christmasy weather.
Very proud of his work.

Notice the sleeping Baby in the swing... the very rare nap. I don't think he has napped longer than an half an hour a day in a week... but the plus side, he only gets up 2 or 3 times at night and goes right back down after nursing for about 15 min.


AndreAnna said...

No good naps AND up 2-3 times a night? I'D BE DEAD. lol

Mike and Charlotte made the same gingerbread house last night although they got in a fight bc C kept eating all the candy before he could put it on.

Sherry said...

Great job on the house and sorry your weather cancelled your plans. Well your friends weather that is.
We have tons of snow waaaaaaaaaaay out here in WA crazy weather!!!

Burgh Baby said...

He really should be proud of that gingerbread house. He done good. Real good.

Anonymous said...

His smile says he's mighty proud of that house. As he should be.


CPA Mom said...

Great job on the house! Beth told me you guys are getting snow. My inlaws just north are in a bunch of snow.

p.s. I love your header! Is that your Christmas card photo?