Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Christmas Tree Rules

I have been in a writing slump for a while. I know you all love to see pictures of the kids for no reason what so ever. But that only keeps readers so long... right? where did you all go?

Anywho, now all of a sudden December hit me up side the head. Holy crap! I can't believe we have less than one month left in 2008. The kids are getting too big too fast. But yet, at the same time, time is dragging. Why is that? How the hell does that happen?

I am stealing a couple ideas for this post. Of course I am giving credit where credit is due.

My favorite Modern Matriarch made a list today of her Christmas tree rules. I loved it so much I couldn't just write a whole blog post in her comments when I have been neglecting writing over here. So here are my rules.
1. White lights only. And those would be solid white, no seizure inducing chasing lights. Although, I would like to know where AA gets her 'twinkle' lights. They sound pretty.
2. Real trees only. I just can NOT jump on the fake tree band wagon yet. I know I will eventually. Hubby asks every year for one, and every year I tell him it's just not Christmas until we go out in the freezing cold to pick out a tree that will (hopefully) last a month and die. (I know, not very green of the bf, cloth diapering mama.) I tell him we'll get one next year. That has lasted 8 years. I just love the challenge of finding different nooks and crannies for all my different ornaments. If we get a fake one they will all have the same place each year. Bor-ing.
3. I throw all of my ornaments up on the tree. I love my ornaments. Some are handmade, most are bought. All have a sentimental meaning. They all find a place in my mish mosh tree.
4. I refuse to buy an expensive blanket that is circle shaped to go around the bottom of the tree. I use a perfectly good cheap green table cloth. I used to use a green sheet, but found a table cloth on sale after Christmas one year.

5. My tree is topped with an angel. I don't know where or why I bought it. I am not super religious. I just never found a star that I liked. And now, this blond little angel that sits atop my tree is symbolic of my late grandmother who passed on 1/1/01. She isn't going anywhere.

2007 tree in our old house

When I get a chance I am going to do a short post of what I do with Christmas Cards... inspired by Swistle


Sherry said...

I love a real tree, but 2 yrs ago we jumped on the artificial bandwagon!!! boo hoo. Our excuse is we are too dang old to go out and chop a tree, go to the tree lot etc .
I like your tree rules, tradition is started with rules, right???
Very pretty tree you had last year, anxious to see this years.

AndreAnna said...

The twinkle lights came with the tree - we bought a very real looking fake tree from Home Depot that had these lights on them already. They have a "twinkle" setting where only a few lights on the tree alternately blink softly on and off. I love it.

Burgh Baby said...

I had never found a star I liked until last year at Target. It's a very simple, no lights, silver star. Now I just have to figure out which tree to put it on!

Peggy Sue said...

Where do you find all these other blogs?? Every time I do a search I get some korean site?!!! Which might be interesting if I knew korean!!
As for the tree...I was all real, all my life, then I got mad paying $50 for a tree that was going to die before I was ready to take it down! Now its out and up after thanksgiving and just as perfect the day I take it down without sitting on my curb waiting for the town to take it away! And the kids NEVER put things in the same boring place...just mostly all on the same branch! ahah!

CPA Mom said...

just catching up..love all the pictures of the bay-bee!! We have a fake tree. With lights pre-strung. Easy peasy. Perfect for lazy people like me!

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I'm glad you have rules. Due to our allergies, it's all pre-lit & fake around here, and boy howdy that makes life easier.