Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Tree

Whoops. So I thought I had a few posts scheduled to come out during the Christmas week since I knew I was going to be so busy. Well, I did it wrong. So the next week I will try to get these posted. This is the post I was going to put up on 12/16.

We went out last Friday (12/12) to get our tree at a little place around the corner from us.

The Kid had so much fun just running in and out and between the trees. We picked the most perfect little tree,


Anonymous said...

A perfect little guy in front of a perfect little tree!

And the picture on your header cracks me up everytime. The baby is all "Get me the hell outta here! NOW!!"

Sherry said...

Beautiful tree and your son looks like he was having so much fun in all the trees.
Don't ya just love tree farms???
Awesome pics, HAPPY NEW YEAR