Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Eve 2008

I guess now is as good as time as any to catch up on some Christmas cheer.
Every Christmas Eve we go to my mom's house for dinner. It makes it so much easier on Christmas to make one less stop. That was mostly because we used to live in North Jersey and didn't want to drive all over the state and have to mush in all our visits in one day. My best friend since 1st grade always comes over to spend some Christmas cheer with us. Her son is the Kid's buddy. Can you believe my Kid is a year older than hers? Well, 11 months. Seriously, His Buddy is an inch or 2 taller and they both look so grown up sitting there so nice. Yea, that lasted about 30 seconds. They were tearing up the place and wrestling most of the time they are together. They are going to be big trouble together when they are older.
The little devils, er, I mean angels
The Baby was very interested in the toys my mom had that make music, move and ring bells.

I love love love the Baby in his green Christmas diaper!

The Kid got lots of fun stuff at Grandma's house. (Thanks Mom!) She refused to buy him any toys, our house already looks like a toy store threw up after a bad night with Jose. No toys, except for the Hess truck that she gets him every year. That is one of his favorite things. But I missed a picture of that one because he got to open that before his buddy came over...and I neglected to pull the camera out. are a few cool things he got, and my polite little man said thank you after every one and was beyond patient to open them. I was pleasantly surprised.

Here is his new bank. It records all the money that goes in. He got it with a few bucks in it. He has since emptied out his piggy banks in there and has over $34 now!

Here is my world traveler brother. My mom got them both world maps so they could pin point all the places he has been...except, she accidentally got one world map and one US map. We took the US, he has to learn his states eventually anyway. He already can find about 8 states on a map and knows about 4 or 5 capitols. Thank goodness for his USA placemat. We'll get the world map too, eventually.

Just look at that face because grandma and mommy made him try on his new beach towel for a photo. 'just let me play with my Hess truck.'

And here is our tree after Santa visited at 1am. Photos of Christmas morning to come...


Sherry said...

Well I know you all had a fantastic Christmas, the pictures tell all!! :)
Love the boys in the truck pic that's a great one .
Well all are great. Can't wait to see your Christmas morning pictures.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I think he's richer than I am! $34. And, I'm thinking I need a states & capitals placemat, because mine will only say he's a "city kid."

CPA Mom said...

My baby sister got my kids a US puzzle - good thing because they not got a CLUE about where the states are....I'm not too knowledgeable myself which is beyond sad.

Cute pics - your bro too!