Monday, January 5, 2009

Look What The Kid Bought With His Christmas Money

It's his very first 2 wheeler. It's a 16" wheel! He skipped right over the 12" wheels. When we went to the beach path last week on a freak warm day we brought his tricycle to ride and realized he is just MUCH too big for that thing. We talked him into using the money he has saved in his bank and the money he got for Christmas to buy himself a big boy bike. I think he will take care of it more if it was just under the tree. He made sure he and Daddy put it away in the garage, in case it rains.
He is such a big boy, and sometime this month we will be signing him up for KINDERGARTEN! Oh.My.God.


Steph said...

Such a big boy!! I sobbed the day I enrolled my daughter in Kindergarten!

Sherry said...

Awesome set of wheels, and yep great he bought it w/ his money. You are right, he will respect it so much more.
Love the picture!!!

Peggy Sue said...

What no princess bike like lil miss?! How will we all match now?!!