Tuesday, January 13, 2009

4AM Freakout

While we are talking about sleeping arrangements. How many of you know the feeling of waking up refreshed and feeling wow, how long did I sleep? Only to realize as you look at the clock that you last looked at it over 7 hours ago? Not many? Me either, until this morning. And it freaked me the hell out!

I haven't been able to put 2 coherent sentences together these last 2 weeks, hence, no posts. The Baby has been up and down, up and down and up and down every 2 hours or so for a while. And oh my lord, why won't he nap?? I get about 15-20 min on my lap after nursing and when I try to put him down...eyeballs wide awake ready to eat again or play. I am assuming he was having a massive growth spurt. I can't wait to see what he weighs on his 4 month visit.

So anyway. picture it. 4AM. I wake up and realize I last looked at the clock at 9PM. Rushed out to the Baby's pack&play to make sure he was still breathing. Yes, that kind of freakout. He was fine and still sound asleep. Took another hour to calm myself down and then I hear the 'I'm hungry' fuss start around 5AM. He eats, goes back down and I don't hear from him again until 7:30. Nice. Cross fingers that we are now in a nice sleeping pattern.

The cats love the Baby. They let him pull their hair. They have always been great with babies. They have never once hissed, scratched (on purpose) or bit the Kid or the Baby.
Yes, that is freaky Bob the Builder PJs that have no head.

Left: Abby, Right: Zoe
And no, I didn't name them after Sesame Street characters. We had them before we had kids.

And just look at those eyes!


Peggy Sue said...

Never allow yourself the comfort of thinking this may be the beginning of a sleeping pattern!!! Just be happy for 12 hours of sleep and the fact that you can think again!

Sherry said...

So glad you did get a good nights rest but yeah I can just about imagine the panic when you saw the clock.
Maybe your little on is going to develpe a good sleep habit now. He knows he is safe, warm and most of all loved, so secure and he can rest. I think even at that age babies can sense things. He just had to get that secure feeling and now he will get his sleep habits. Yeah yeah I know a Dr Spock I am not hahaha.
Love love love all the pictures. You children just adorable and hey I love your two cats!!! I am a huge baby and cat lover!! :)