Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sleeping Arrangements

So the poor Baby has been sleeping in his bassinet for over 3 months. He was starting to get a little bit cramped in there. We are still not moved upstairs and we do not have any room to put his crib yet. Hell, we don't even have room to get my poor 4 1/2 (almost) year old a twin bed and get him out of the tiny toddler bed.

So here are the 'before' pictures. They were taken on exactly 12/23 when he was 3 months old. Because I realized after he was already asleep for the night (I hoped) that I didn't take one picture of him all day when he turned 3 months old.

Not much room to move.

So we pulled out the pack and play. It has that little extra bassinet on top so I don't have to lean all the way down to put him to sleep. And here is the 'after' just a couple nights ago, after we got him back out of the swing at night while he was sick.
All the room in the world!


Sherry said...

He is such an adorable lil guy. Okay I will say it, he is BEAUTIFUL and yep looks all comfy in his play and pack!!!!
Growing too fast right??

Trannyhead said...

Those sleeping baby photos are JUST SO CUTE. I love them. What a cutie.