Thursday, January 29, 2009

It has been a long long week and just getting longer by the night.

The Baby has taken up a new hobby of ear piercing screaming. In the beginning it was longer than an hour. It was and still is only once at night, somewhere between 8pm-12am. It has since gotten shorter in the screaming and a bit longer in the sleeping. Probably because he tires himself out.

Last night I tried the gripe water that a friend had given me and it worked like a charm. I also tried some white noise. The fan above our stove is perfect for that. I am thinking of bringing the baby's bed into the kitchen.

Here is the Baby at 4 months old.


Bethany said...

LOVE the face in the last picture!

Kellie said...

I swear by white noise! I use to use the fan in our bathroom, but that got too annoying. I caved and spent $60 on a true white noise machine from Target for Morgan's room and it's AWESOME!! It drowns out enough of the household noise where we don't wake her up, but not SO much of it that she can't hear anything.

A humidifier is also great white noise--especially in the winter with it being so dry and nasty inside.

They are TOO cute!! The last picture is cracking me up :)

Trannyhead said...

I'm glad to know that the gripe water works. I may keep that in mind the next time around ... but I totally swear by the white noise, too. We have one of those air filter things that makes a ton of noise and we just crank that sucker up. It works GREAT.

Sherry said...

Oh he has grown so much, and apparently has a good set of lungs huh?
I know nothing about "gripe water" or "white noise" Haha remember my baby is 36 !!!! Twins almost 20, so yeah I never heard of white noise and gripe water.
But hey if it works, great!!! Think he is teething???