Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Loot

So Christmas morning has come and went. And I am WAY behind on my posting. Unfortunately the Baby got his first bad cold on Christmas Day. He started coughing and he was all congested. He was barely sleeping and had to go back in the swing to be upright. The Kid had it first and passed it on. Then I got it the weekend after Christmas and was miserable. But, we made it and are all better now.

The only think that the Kid asked for from Santa was the Diego Dino Mountain Play Set. Well, Santa had to come through with that one....even though the Kid already has a big Diego play set that he got last year and is taking up space in the toy area.

And what Diego Dino set would be complete without the Dino Rescue Jeep?

Mommy and Daddy got him a toy jackhammer...which he saw at Target and LOVES, although right now I have no clue where it is. We also got him a bunch of workbooks. He loves doing mazes and letter books, so I have a pile of about 10 books he can pick and work on at any given time. He also asked for treasure chest. I found a box and filled it with some pirate booty. Of, course I missed pictures of all this stuff.
Then it was breakfast time. Bacon and Mickey shaped chocolate pancakes are the favorite around here.

The Baby got this ball in his stocking and loves to hold it and try to bite it. It's so freaking cute.

Then we were off to the in-laws. Hubby's brother & sister got him the Smart Cycle. Grandma got him the Cool School keyboard with extra games. So far he is loving both and I would recommend them. Although, we need to get another game for the Smart Cycle, he is getting bored of the one that comes with it already.

And the Baby got mostly teething rings and savings bonds, and he was happy with that.

Oh, and 'Santa' found a few of the Kid's old toys and wrapped them up and stuck them under our tree.

Then we went to my Dad's side of the family over at my Grandfather's house. The Kid got Diego Crocs for the summer and a Handy Manny truck that turned into a work bench. It was nice the first 2 days when we didn't realize it had noise. hahaha.

So, now we are in a holding pattern until we can move upstairs. There are just a couple doors to hang and some trim to put up. Some paint to paint and we are DONE! When this happens I am cleaning out the toy area. It is horrendous! I want to donate it to some shelters and churches.

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Sherry said...

Wow a great Christmas for all huh? Love the pictures they are adorable and love the smiles on the boys, too dang cute for words.