Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1 Week Old

That's the Hubby and the Kid walking onto the beach in the background.

It's been a week. It seems like a year...but he's still so tiny.

Monday we went on our first outing to...where else? The beach! I walked about 40 minutes and felt great. The Kid was riding on his tricycle while daddy was chasing him. It was such a nice day.
And then yesterday we went to the boardwalk and the Kid got to go to the aquarium with daddy and my MIL. I went for another walk.

I am beat. The Baby has been up all night the last 2 nights. The poor thing has been nursing non-stop and has only pooped twice since we've been home. And once was just meconium. The last time he pooped was Sunday around 6pm. The doctor has been keeping a close eye on him and as of yesterday he had gained 2 oz since last Friday's appointment. So that's good. I am just praying for poop....soon. On the plus side I was able to pump one side for less than 5 min and got 3 oz. so I know there is milk in there! LOL! Now I can save that for daddy to give tonight so I can get a little more than 2 hours sleep.

He is falling asleep in my arms....the Kid is in school...gotta go put him down and get some shut eye.


CassJustCurious said...

What cuties! That's a long walk for a week after baby - that's impressive! Sending the Poop Prince to your house!

Sherry said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures I love them, but hey where's one of you????
I am praying for the baby to poop and poop TONS!!!! Just have hubby change his diaper when he does.
Walking you go girl!!!
Get some rest when you can!!!

Steph said...

I, too, am impressed by the walk! He is so cute. I hope he poops soon

CPA Mom said...

How cute!! Get some rest if/when you can. (hugs)

Trannyhead said...

40 minutes?!? Dude - after I gave birth a 40 second walk was considered an ordeal.

I'm totally impressed.