Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ride 'Em Cowboy!

Today we went to a really nice little fall festival at the local convalescent center (old person's home.) They love to see all the little kids. I am sure many of them don't have family that visits and an occasional visit from kids just brightens their day. When the Kid was little we used to go to one that my Aunt works at every month. She is the activity director and she'd bring them all to the common room and the Kid would just sit in the middle of the room and play with whatever toy I brought for him. They got such a kick out of him.

This fair had a costume he was all decked out in his cowboy costume. He didn't win anything, but he still had a blast.

First he went on the pony fitting for the Sheriff

Then there was a petting zoo. And we checked out the ducks...

...and fed the goats

It was a nice day, but was really windy and started to rain while we were there. We went inside and the Kid decorated a pumpkin with stickers, trick or treated around the room, got a bat painted on his hand, got a sword made out of a balloon and had a hot dog, cookie and juice box. All for free. It was so nice. I had the baby in the Baby Bjorn, it is so nice to have hands free. :)


CassJustCurious said...

That is one cute little cowboy you've got there!

Sherry said...

Love your lil cowboy!!!! He is just adorable and I love the fact that it was all done at the convalescent home, you have to know the elderly are dear to me. Having mama here makes me aware of all the elderly, and those that don't have family visit, so yeah a great thing your lil cowboy did. I know he put a smile on their faces.