Monday, October 20, 2008

First Smile

This is the first smile that I was able to catch on camera. He had a few smiles last week. I am so glad one was for my grandmother. She and my grandfather left for Florida yesterday morning and we miss them already.
These are from my phone since I was sitting trying to nurse and he was smiling at me. He knew what was coming...

The Kid is all better. He woke up Friday with no fever, and the spots in his mouth were gone by Saturday. He went back to school today, and the baby *knock wood* never got sick. I think it's going to be a long night tonight. The baby has been napping all day with a brief break to eat now and then. I can't believe tomorrow will be 4 weeks already! We'll be going on our first hayride on Thursday. Can't wait!


Sherry said...

OMG he is so beautiful ( handsome) and looks like such a happy baby.
Glad your older son is better now and no ill effects from it? Whew huh?
Great pics and 4 weeks old ALL READY???? WOW!!!!

Donna said...

Great pictures!! He is SO cute. Can't wait to meet him - see you tomorrow!!

Kellie said...

What a smile that baby has!! It's wonderful :)

Glad the Kid is better!!

Peggy Sue said...

wow! he looks so much like his daddy here!