Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2 weeks old

I wish I could use my brain and form some complete thoughts and have the time to come on here at least every other day and give updates on how we are doing...but for those of you that have had a newborn in your home pretty much know how we are doing. He's eating, peeing, pooping, sleeping and crying. Yep, that pretty much it. So I am at least going to try to post here once a week.
2 weeks old
Still sleeping at 9AM this morning!
(And still has quite a cone head!)

If I had written something yesterday I would have told you how freaking exhausted I was. I only got 4 hours of sleep and one of those hours was sitting up on the chair after nursing and still holding the baby. Funny how you just know not to move and drop the baby. I did that SO many times with the Kid. (Not the dropping, just the sleeping in the chair.)

But last night changed that. I pumped about 2 oz for Hubby to give the Baby at around 9PM. Then he got him to sleep and the Baby didn't wake up until THREE AM! Wow. That was a nice stretch of sleep! So I got up and nursed the Baby and put him back down and it's now around 8:50 AM and he is STILL sleeping!! I know it's a fluke and tonight he will be back to feeding every 2 hours. I have no delusions that the Baby will be sleeping in 6 hour stretches again any time soon! LOL!

The Kid went to the Safari at Great Adventure with my MIL and SIL on Sunday. It was a nice quiet day here at the house. Of course, I wasn't able to nap. Every time I put the Baby down I had to clean up. We had my mom, step-dad, MIL, FIL and my grandparents here for dinner. All I had to do was clean up our stuff. My grandmother did all the cooking. They are leaving for Florida in a couple weeks and wanted to have a nice Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner since they won't see us until May, unless we go down there and visit during the winter.

On Saturday's the Kid is going to a kid's woodworking class with daddy. It is some nice bonding time for them and some quiet time for me. He has been an awesome big brother!!

Covered in paint from class.

And I have finished a post and it's 9:20...and the Baby is STILL sleeping, even though I went and took that picture of him at 9am and he flinched at the flash but still didn't wake up. My milk machines are starting to get full and sore!!


AndreAnna said...

Time flies!

I like his little cone-head!

Good sleeping!

Sherry said...

What a cutie well both boys adorable. I check your site daily but know you are busy busy busy!!! Having a new born does turn the house upside down huh? A sweet little guy so tiny yet causing big changes!!!! :)
I will take whatever I can get when you post, I know you will get to it. Pictures are great too, love them.

CPA Mom said...

I told you before and I'll tell you again - your family is SO beautiful (including you!) and I'm so blessed to know you. Hope to see the baby one day too. Get some rest when you can!

Officer Mom said...

He is soooo cute.. I can't wait to meet him. We should get together soon.

Kellie said...

He's beyond adorable!!

The Kid? He just looks like a ton of fun.