Friday, October 10, 2008


Ooops, I forgot to link to LLL - Le Leche League. It's an international breast feeding support group.

To some they are a little extreme, but I went for a while before and after I had the Kid and it was a great support system and you can take out of it what you need and I never felt uncomfortable. I actually still have a very good friend that I met at a meeting over 5 years ago, she is now on her 3rd baby and her oldest daughter is good friends with my Kid.

I wanted to post a disclaimer about my walking last week! LOL! I was walking rrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy slow. Plus we stopped half way so the Kid could play on the rocks at the beach with Hubby and I sat and watched from the benches. Thanks for all the awe, but it really wasn't much. And the next day I walked about 20 min, slowly, and was beat. I haven't walked since. But plan to get into some sort of routine soon. I didn't want you guys thinking I was power walking 1 week post partum! ;)


Sherry said...

hahaha nope I didn't think you were power walking but hey at least you went for a walk, right? Thanks for clearing up lll dang I was so lost!! That's neat they have a support group and better yet you got info plus a good friend from it, way to go!!

Trannyhead said...

I'm a little freaked out by La Leche and was so intimidated by some of their members that I dared not seek them out for help after I had my kid. Chiefly because I was made to feel awful because I didn't make enough milk for my huge 9 and a half lbs. baby and had to supplement with formula. You'd think I was Attila the Hun! Anyway - I'm still impressed with your walk!