Friday, October 10, 2008

Pump It Up

Well, today is Hubby's first day back to work. I am not completely by myself, my grandmother came with me to drop the Kid off at school so I didn't have to carry the car seat down the stairs to drop him off. (She sat with the baby in the car.)
But, Hubby will be taking off tomorrow anyway! LOL! He has 2 guys coming to work upstairs and he wants to be here, plus he takes the Kid to his woodworking class. Then he is off again for 5 days starting Wednesday. :) There are some perks married to a cop with a nice schedule. grandparents are going back to Florida on Saturday the 18th and of course Hubby will be working M-F the next week, so I really WILL be on my own.

My nipples feel like they are going to fall off. Baby and I have been having nursing/latching issues. So I have been pumping as much as I can to give them a break from what I like to call the baby jaws of death....serious tears here people. He is sleeping now, and instead of napping I have to go pump. Sucks. I am going to a LLL meeting on Wed, so I am hoping to get a little help before I have to call in a lactation consultant (at $150-$200 an HOUR!) I am hoping to get some help at LLL for FREE. I think it's his little tongue not coming out and covering his bottom gums and he is squeezing with his 'teeth'. I am NOT ready to quit.
He even slept from 9pm until 5:30 this morning (in his car seat - we were at my mom's last night) and that still wasn't enough rest for the nips. ugh.

Well, that's my quickie update of the week! ;)

Off to pump for this sweet little face...


Sherry said...

Sweet lil face for sure, he is so adorable, just love that picture.
Wow sorry you are having issues with feeding him, I have no clue as I never did breast feed my kids. And okay I will admit I don't know anything, what is lll???
Grandparents in Florida, hubby at work you will do just fine!!!! The extra help is awesome though for now isn't it?
Get some rest when you can!!!!

CPA Mom said...

what a cutie-patotie! I wish I could hold him!! Good luck with the breastfeeding issues - I'm sure LLL can help out. I did not breastfeed (no milk - breast reduction) so I envy those of you who can!

CassJustCurious said...

That is an incredibly sweet face to pump for!