Tuesday, June 24, 2008

As I have said before; PREGNANCY = PIN CUSHION

So I am home from my 3 hour visit to the hospital. Ugh. I also had the Rho Gam shot last October when I had a miscarriage and I was in and out of there so fast (except for the hour and a half I had to wait between the blood draw and the shot..... oh wait some of you probably have positive blood and have no clue what I am talking about!)

Rho Gam is basically a shot that a pregnant mom with negative blood type (I am O-) has to get at 28 weeks and again after giving birth if the child has positive(+) blood. (My Kid is O+) To protect any babies in the future. Something to do with the antibodies of the (-) blood attacking the (+) blood of the baby and something can go seriously wrong.

When I get it done (my insurance dictates that I have to get it done at the hospital outpatient) I have to get my blood drawn so they can make sure I have (-) blood, because I would really go through all this shit for a painful shot in the ass if I knew I was (+). Then wait for a specified amount of time (anywhere from 1-2 hours) and come back pick up the shot from where you got your blood drawn and walk to the other side if the hospital to ONCOLOGY where they administer the shot. And you're done.

Anyway, since I went to the hospital last Oct for the SAME shot I thought maybe they would just look up my blood type on the computer and we could skip the blood sucking, I mean, drawing part and just get the shot and go home. NOPE! I brought the Kid and he was as good as an almost 4 year old can be in a waiting room. ie. pain in the ass and climbing all over me.
While we were waiting the hour before the shot was ready, we went to the cafeteria at the hospital for lunch. Last time it was almost 2 hours, so we went to a park together so the hospital time was much shorter and the Kid was so much better behaved. So fun picking out crappy food only to find out they only take cash (no signs - anywhere!) I had to leave our food and go to the ATM in the hallway and got charged $3 more for the cold crappy food....luckily my bank reimburses ATM fees.

Thank goodness that is over with. Now I just have to look forward to all the needles during the birth!


AndreAnna said...

That does not sound fun at all. I'm glad I can avoid that!

CPA Mom said...

I feel your pain, literally. I'm O negative. Giving blood tomorrow actually. Thanks for the reminder!

Sherry said...

Wow I have never heard of that , it's interesting and amazing too. They can do so much now days, but I am sure you being the pin cushion just find it a royal pain right????
Sucks no cash, casue I am a debit girl to the max, never do I have cash on me!!

Catwoman said...

You poor thing! Why is it they have to make everything so complicated???