Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hot Weekend

Yesterday we had our first of 5 birthday parties for the month of June. It was so fun. There was even a little bounce house. So the Kid was thrilled. Of course he was having a little too much fun when he was sucking down whole juice boxes at a time and then going bouncing. He threw up all over the bounce house slide. Thank goodness he wasn't really sick and that the bounce house is washable. The dad of the birthday girl just hosed it off for us.

And what a beautiful day today!! We were outside all day. While the rest of our area suffered in sufficating heat, we were sitting near the shore about 5-10 degrees cooler and in a little blow up pool! It was awesome. Sorry you guys that were sweating.

Waiting for daddy to fill up the pool with the air compressor.

We blew up the pool this morning and invited my friend and her son over and the boys played in the pool most of the afternoon. Then after they left The Kid and I sat in the cooooold water together. Without all the splashing. It was COLD. I stepped in it and didn't think I would even sit down, but I did. :)

The boys having a blast.

Having SO much fun dumping water on his head!

Darn it, I forgot about the water getting in my eyes.

We were mostly comfortable all day. I was actually shocked. I thought it would be much worse. But they are calling for even hotter temps tomorrow. We just turned the a/c on when we got home from my in-laws around 8:30pm. They live a town away, inland a little, and we could feel the difference when we got there. It was crazy.

Hope you all enjoyed your day! I'll be back in the pool tomorrow.


CPA Mom said...

I wish it was that cool here - 105 today. In june. Stop.the.madness.

Sherry said...

Okay it's CHILLY and WET over here and I don't mean the pool!! The dang weather grrrrrrrr!!!!
Sounds like you will have a busy month of parties but fun huh?
Oh to be at the beach enjoying the warm weather, yeah I would be there in a flash!!!

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

We've hit the century mark now, too. I love the cool off of the water. I'm jealous!

Tranny Head said...

Thanks for sparing us the barf picture . . . heh. Why is it that kids don't feel cold water at all? Sumo has NO problem getting into a frigid pool that makes me cringe in horror. But that always makes me think, "Whatever, if Sumo can do it, so can I!" And then I end up cold. Reeeeally cold.

Kellie said...

We were in the 90's all weekend and again today. It's the humidity that I can't take. Especially with this cold/allergy thing I'm battling the last week and a half.

Sounds like a good weekend :)