Sunday, June 29, 2008

Party Party Party

Yesterday we had 2 parties.

The 1st was a bowling birthday party with a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds. The Kid was such a cranky pants. He was mad when it wasn't his turn, mad when the ball didn't hit any pins, mad when it was over. It seemed never ending.

I was hoping he'd pass out on the way home (about 35 min away) to be all good for the 2nd party of the day, but he didn't. He said "I promise I will try not to be cranky later."

The next party was my cousin's graduation party from Harvard. It was mostly a keg party with a mess of family through in there for fun. I was SO jealous of all the 20-something college guys hanging out drinking out of the keg and playing beer pong.

As we were leaving I told my cousin (not pretty much shit-faced at this point) that I would have totally come back and drank with all of them after I put the kid to bed, if I didn't have another one coming. He said, "You are having another one?!?!" Seriously. It was too funny. The family that was in earshot was cracking up. No, I didn't just get this fat for fun. But in his defense, I only found out I was pregnant in January and he wasn't at Easter. And I usually only see the college/working cousins at major holidays. So I let him off the hook. He's been pretty busy graduating Harvard and all.

And the Kid wasn't cranky at all and we didn't get home until almost 9!

PLUS! I found out that all 3 of the boys (Tulane, Princeton and Harvard) all had some wort of scholarships and/or financial aid. My Aunt doesn't have one bill for any of them! Lucky her!!

Today we pretty much bummed around the house. Hubby and I went to pick out a new shed for the back yard. And then we had a little Birthday dinner and cake for my grandmother. :)

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Sherry said...

Dang those boys graduated from the elite colleges and I think that's fantastic. Also your aunt didn't have to pay for them, a very intelligent bunch of people huh? Well except the "your's pregnant" part haha JK, but it was a good chuckle!!!!
See your little one was not cranky at the graduation party cause he wanted to hang out with the "big boys" not bowling with the toddlers!! :)
Glad you had a good day but I bet you were exhausted by bedtime huh?