Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Last Day of School

Today was my baby's last day of nursery school. We got to go in 20 minutes early to pick them up and we got to collect all the things they had been using all year, from their names on their attendance cards to the picture on the wall next to the star with their birthday to their snack place mats that they picked out photos and stickers to put on it and his teacher lamented it.

Not only that, Mrs. C. made a huge folder with a few different things that the kids had been making all year. It had his hand prints from the beginning of the year, different crafts from some holidays, photos from class time, and his foot print out line at the end. It was so sweet. I totally cried. Especially when she started crying first.

The Kid and his Girlfriend are loving the cookies I bought for their last day.

Blowing bubbles outside school that Mrs. C gave them all.Climbing the tree that they climbed every day after school.
Then the Kid and I went to Friendly's for lunch and I was miraculously able to get him to fall asleep in the car about 5 minutes from home! And he napped about 2 hours! So we were able to go to the boardwalk tonight and celebrate his last day.

Daddy came home early from work to come with us. We got to stay out late and have hot dogs and ice cream and he got to go on as many rides as he wanted. I was trying to make his last day of school a fun happy day. Because I know he is already sad when I tell him he will be going to a new school next year. So I am hoping we can look back on today and I'll remind him how much fun the day was.


AndreAnna said...

Awww, they grow so fast!

I need to get to the boardwalk rides with C before I officially become a beached whale.

Wanna meet up some evening next week?

Sherry said...

Love the pictures and the fact that you made his last day so very special.
All the pic, hand print, foot print etc so special huh? I know there's an album just waitng to hold all that so in the years to come you can pull it out and remember this special day you all had together!!!!

Emma in Canada said...

I read your comment at catwoman's and I had to come over, because we have the cough and pee syndrome in common. I only wish mine was pregnancy induced, rather than illness induced!

Sounds like your son had a great last day, I'm hoping I don't cry when my daughter has her last day next week!