Monday, June 23, 2008

Computer Frustration! (& update)

Bad blogger! I have been reading many other blogs, but just haven't sat and wrote anything myself. For a couple reasons. One is that my computer is a pain in the ass and has been freezing up on me almost every time I am online all week and the other is I have been real lazy and have been waiting to download pictures from my camera that I want to blog about, but haven't. So I am going to try to catch up today and jump back on this bloggy wagon. :)

I had to try four times to get these pictures up for today. I know it's not Blogger's fault. I can't get on any web sites when the computer freezes. But OMG! I am getting very pissy about this.

I finally got a picture up! I was trying 5 at a time the last few times, but now I guess I have to do 1 at a time.

Last Thurs we went and swam at a friend of mine's house. It was so not really hot enough and her pool wasn't heated, but it was so nice to be weightless for a little bit!

Sunday we had the Kid's good friend's birthday least you would think they were good friends. They are always so excited to see each other and then when they are actually together they fight like nothing else! It's quite amusing. It was a pirate birthday. Complete with a pirate pool, hats, eye patches and a pirate pinata!

Happy 3rd Birthday 'A'

We actually have a pretty slow rest of the week. Not much planned, except for a trip to the hospital at some point to get my RhoGam shot. This weekend I have the last birthday party of June and my cousin's college graduation party. This is the last kid of 3 brothers to graduate college in that family. One went to Tulane, one Princeton and this one just graduated Harvard. Seriously. I only hope to be so lucky and have at least 2 smart boys. My Aunt certainly did something right with her 3 boys.

I will also be moving right on into the 3rd trimester this week. Wow! Has time really flew by. I am sleeping like crap and my back hurts more when I actually get up each time to pee at night.

Oh and just an update on the Kid's cough. It is still lingering, but he'll cough maybe once or twice an hour and the duration has been shorter. So I am hoping he is kicking it. Another couple days and it will be a full 2 weeks, so I may be making another trip to the doc with him.

Thanks for sticking around my little hiatus. :)


Sherry said...

Just glad to know it was your computer acting up, not that you or anyone was ill!!!!!
Sounds like you have been keeping busy and having fun at the same time.
I haven't posted cause well , just don't have anything interesting right now and my life is so routine, don't want to put anyone to sleep hahaa.

AndreAnna said...

Use photobucket for your pictures. will save you uploading aggrivation.

Glad you had a nice weekened!

Catwoman said...

Looks like the birthday party was a blast!!!

And that third trimester is just not any fun... Mine officially starts on August 3rd, and I'm totally dreading that date!

CPA Mom said...

That party looked like a lot of fun and how cute is your boy in that pool shot!!

Tulane, Princeton and Harvard...I'm just cringing at her tuition bills!

Tranny Head said...

Man ... those tuition bills must be painful. I went to a big name school (which shall remain nameless) and while yeah, it was a great 4 years, I look back on it and think I could have done just as well at a state school for less. Though, admittedly, people are a little impressed and intimidated when I tell them where I went to college, so I don't know . . . that has to be worth something, right?