Monday, June 9, 2008

Trying to Keep Cool

  • Yesterday was much lying around doing nothing. TOO HOT! Our pathetic little a/c units do not keep the whole house cool, but at least they are at least 15-20 degrees cooler than outside.

Closest shot you are going to get of me in my bathing suit.

We basically sat in the pool all afternoon again, and then went to my MIL to visit and have dinner. They have central a/c, very nice.

  • Today was the Kid's 2nd to last day of school *tear* and we hit up McDs and some playtime in the airconditioned playplace of germs and came home and went back in the pool. This was day 3 of the pool water, so it was a tad slimey on the bottom. We emptied it out and will fill it back up tomorrow.

  • I am so happy my friend is letting me borrow her big curved body pillow! I have been flopping around this last week with a pillow between my legs and another behind my back. I happened to mention to her today that I was going to order one and she said "I have one!" I am so excited to go to bed tonight...and Hubby has nothing to do with it! hahahaha

  • This baby boy is being very stubborn already, just like his big brother. When you last read that the Kid felt the baby kick for the first time it was the only time he has felt the baby. Everytime I call him over and put his hand on my belly he just runs away and says "I already felt the baby!" And then, when the one other person in this house that wants to feel the baby puts his hand on my belly the baby totally stops moving. So Hubby has yet to feel the movement.

  • Tomorrow we have the cable people coming to see why we can't get the Disney Channel in our bedroom. There is a box, but it's just a black screen. And since it has never really worked well in the living room (3 boxes later) that was the only place he could see his beloved Higgly's. And then...I have my wonderful 'drink the nasty sugar water' glucose test. Yeah! Good times. At least the doctor's office will have a/c. That is a requirement of where ever I go these days.


AndreAnna said...

I. Would. Die.

I have the house set to 69 and I'll sell my kidney to pay for the electric bill. It's just too damn hot out!

I'm on mat. leave now, so come on over and cool off anytime you need!

CPA Mom said...

It's going to be over 100 again here today. A/C is definitely a requirement for me too and I'm not even pregnant!

Sherry said...

You are more than welcome to come over here, we need the fireplace going not the a/c!!!! I do feel bad for all of you in that heat wave, that is tooooooooo hot. I like a nice 80 that's it.
Keep finding the cool spots and hey keep enjoying the pool I love the pictures!!!!!!!
When our cable didn't come in good they CHARGED us for a booster, now no problems with programs coming in on any tv, so maybe that's what's needed!!

Tranny Head said...

Gawd I remember when I was preggo last summer . . . it suuuuucked. I gave birth July 25. I feel your pain.

Catwoman said...

Oh the dreaded glucose test... My worst nightmare, and it won't be better this time either, since I can't stand the taste of sugar this pregancy either, yuck!

And then of course, last time, I barely failed, so then I had to do the big one where I'm stuck there for three hours, fun times! So if you have any tips for passing it, or you want to send me a vial of your blood, I'd greatly appreciate it!

And I laughed so hard at your farmer/homo comment on my blog that I almost peed a little. Guess it's time to start on the kegels, eh?

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Good grief, woman, I'm no longer jealous of the beach action when you don't have AC. Yuck! I like it hot, but not 24 hours a day.