Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Can I Go To Sleep Now?

I think as we will be becoming a family of 4 in about 3 1/2 months I think I have caught something called donottrestaminuteitis. I seriously have been going non stop for what feels like a month. From my friend AndreAnna....

"So I go to these family events - Great Adventure, the boardwalk, this Air Show. And I walk a lot. In the heat. I have a good time and I try not to complain. I come home tired, but happy I was there and have those memories."

I think that is how I feel. I am happy that I have these memories. And now, that I have this blog, I won't forget them!

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact I am trying to squeeze as much one on one time with the Kid before he has his little brother to compete with. mmmmmmmm.

I already told you all about going to Great Adventure on Thurs (but didn't get to post it until Saturday), because I was busy doing other stuff.

~On Friday we really didn't do much until the afternoon when I went to my mom's and dropped my car off at my step-dad's shop for the tire changing to begin. Thank GOD I have a mechanic in the family...can't say that too often.

~Saturday, my grandmother and I took the Kid to her church carnival they were having. It was tiny, but there was a bounce house and that is all that mattered. Luckily we were able to get there and he could bounce before the sky opened up and it poured on us.

~Sunday, my mom and I went to the street festival in her town. It was hot, it was crowded...but there were MANY bounce things, some even had slides. The Kid was in his glory.

Resting on my mom's chairs after our day at the street fair. Poor baby.

~Monday - school day - We had his little Circus Day. His school doesn't do a 'graduation ceremony'. They believe it would be silly to take the kids out of their element for a day or 2 just to practice standing in line and sitting still. Too much to ask of 3 and 4 year olds. I totally agree. Plus all of them have another year of a pre-school before they go to kindergarten anyway. So each of them put on a little performance with the character of their choice as a member of the circus. There were many tightrope walker, tigers, a puppy, a monkey, a vender and a clown. It was adorable and the Kid was SUCH a ham.

My little Strong Man

Yes, I made his barbells out of a painted dowel and 2 Styrofoam circles. I am crafty like that.

After we went out to lunch with my MIL and grandmother (the rest of the family had to go back to work.)

~STILL Monday - I was able to get the Kid to nap for a couple hours after I went to Shop Rite. Not an easy task for a kid that has fought naps since last summer. It usually entails me driving around for at least 20 minutes anytime after 3pm. I succeeded. Why? So we could go to the Blue Claws game that night. We had been given free tickets from my step-mom that she won at an auction and it was a 7:05 game. We went with my friend that was at the Please Touch Museum with us....of course, we both forgot our cameras. Mine was still in the camcorder case from Circus Day. Argh!!! And I wasn't as mad because I am all about the blogging now and I wanted to post some pictures (which I really wanted too) ...but because it was his FIRST BASEBALL GAME EVER!

Of course there were bouncing things there too. So being in the seats lasted about as long as it took to eat a couple hot dogs. We left in the 5th inning after MUCH bouncing and it was already close to 9:30. *YAWN*

~TODAY~ We had a wonderful playdate with some of my very close friends. One of which is moving back to Texas in 2 weeks. We have known her and her daughter (just 6 months younger than the Kid) for over 2 years and we will miss them dearly. They have all of their family there in TX, so it is a bitter sweet move for all of us. Love you A!


AndreAnna said...

Holy hell, now I need a nap. LOL

Glad you're enjoying this time with Ry!

Sherry said...

Wow no wonder you didn't post!! Girl you have been super busy!!!
Sounds like a great few days though and I love the pictures. Your little guy was having a blast, huh?
So yep now you can take a nap, see you have my permission :) so go lay down and sleep tight for awhile, you deserve it!!