Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No More Needles, PLEASE

A quick post before I go collapse in bed.

The cable guy was here for almost 1 1/2 hours, but fixed everything that needed to be fixed...no charge! yeah!

Then I sucked down the lovely orange sugar water and headed out to my doctor appointment. They take the blood right in the office and most of the time I can barely even feel the needle. Well, this time it hurt! I even have a little bruise around the shot site.
Next is the Rho Gam. ugh. Pregnancy = Human Pin Cushion

Damnit! I had a bunch more typed, but my computer froze up before I could save it. Here is what I can remember until I fall asleep at the computer.

I also got to see the little peanut on the ultrasound today. Nice bonus. Everything is doing well over here. The Kid got blue exam gloves b/c he was such a good boy. The doc thought it was for him to pretend to be a doctor...but I told him since daddy is a detective he likes to pretend he is on a crime scene. He even has the detective jacket, handcuffs and magnifying glass at home. Too funny.

This was a long story, making it short, went to my mom's after the appointment. Didn't call my Gram. She freaked out and called my mom around 7:30 asking if she heard from me. She had been checking the driveway every 10 min to see if I was home. She was so worried. She thought I was sent to the hospital or somthing. Poor Gram. I feel so bad. And not used to this living with other people thing just yet.

Going to bed now...my huge body pillow is calling me. Tomorrow is the Kid's last day of Nursery school and I will need all my strength not to cry.


Sherry said...

Ouch to the needles!!!
Too dang cute your little guy wanting to play detective, I love it.
Yeah your poor Gram but look how much you are loved!!!!!
In time you will get used to living with others.

Catwoman said...

Hilarious about the gloves! That made me laugh.

And sorry about the needle, I hate it when it hurts. I'm black and blue every time they take my blood, I'm just a bruiser, I guess!