Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bullet Catch Up with a Funny...

  • The Kid has a cough and is back on the nebulizer. He has been on and off that thing since he was 4 months old. It's only been in the winter until now. When he was born he inhaled the meconium, so I think his lung problems started at birth. His 1st winter he had bronciolitis, the next year was pneumonia and the following year he was diagnosed with a dust mite allergy which caused severe coughing in the middle of the night. This past winter was his best one yet. Last time he used it was last October. But this cough wasn't going away on it's own, so I had to break out the nebulizer and call the doctor to make sure I could use the expired meds. The are only over by a few months and he said it was fine. Thank goodness, because I had almost 20 boxes! I didn't want to have to buy more.
  • I watched my youngest cousin graduate from HS last night. It was so awesome. She is SO talented and has won awards for everything from singing to concert piano. We are all so proud of her. She got accepted to Oberlin Conservatory! I can't wait to brag about her when she is on Broadway..seriously, she will be there one day.
  • I said goodbye to a very good friend of mine yesterday who moved back to Texas today. Her entire family is there and I know it is the best move for her and her family, but I am going to miss her terribly.
  • And here is the funny for the day... A friend of mine's son just lost his first tooth (and swallowed it) today and it reminded me of the time that my Kid wanted to know when he would lose his teeth so the tooth fairy would come visit him. Then he says he feels really bad for Franklin because the tooth fairy will never visit him. When I asked him why? (And thinking who the hell was Franklin?) Well, because turtles don't have teeth. Duh Mom. Damn TV. Seriously, he really watches. He will come to me and tell me exactly what Little Bear was doing after school and want to do it too.


Sherry said...

Sorry your lil guy has his cough back, but at least you know how to help him and thank goodness the meds weren't expired!!!
Soooooooooo cute about Franklin and his teeth hahaha.
Your niece is it that graduated last night? Honest I read your blog but dang forgot, niece, cousin??? Anyway she sounds like a go getter and getting accepted yup she will be on Broadway, hey her and Ashley can hook up!!
Sorry your friend moved away but sometimes being close to family is a must, I am sure you two will still stay in touch.

AndreAnna said...

Kids are so funny!

CPA Mom said...

we had to break out our nebulizer recently too. Which our son hates but what can you do.

I nervously watching the air quality (we've got bad air from fires), hoping we don't to use it again.

Asthma sucks.

Catwoman said...

Poor baby! Hopefully the nebulizer is helping.

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

I hope the treatments help the breathing, but the ability to deduce that Franklin has no teeth? Nothing short of amazing.