Monday, May 26, 2008

America the Beautiful

Please take a moment from cooking your burgers and downing your beer (mmmmmmm beer) to remember why you are able to start a small fire in your backyard and cook meat on it (or whatever you like to enjoy at a BBQ).

The men and women that have fought in war after war since the beginning of America to give us the freedom to do as we want, vote as we want, and well, drink as much beer as we want. (Can you tell I am missing the beer this weekend??)

No matter what you think of the way this country is run or not run, whatever the case may be, remember the people who have died to give you that right to feel anyway you want about this country. Hug a vet, or two, I know I did - my one grandfather joined WWII near the end and was a paratrooper that dropped into concentration camps and helped liberate them. And my other grandfather was a bit young for the war, but he joined the Navy right after it ended.

Enjoy your day!! It is gorgeous here in Jersey and as soon as Hubby comes home from work we are going to be putting some London Broil on the grill and kick back and he can drink my share of beer. ;)

(Those pictures above probably look familiar. They came with the computer and I thought they fit perfectly.)

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