Sunday, May 4, 2008

Oh no she didn't!

So the sleepover didn't happen last night. My dad ended up going to work and long story short, they ended up just coming here and watching the Kid while Hubby and I went out with one of the two couples we were supposed to go out with, we'll call them couple #1. The other couple (who we were supposed to be celebrating hubby #2's birthday) has a son who came down with a high fever so they had to stay home with him, couple #2. We went to a different place than couple #2 had planned on going because wife in couple #1 didn't like it anyway. She is the person who's mother married into money, so she thinks she has money. Seriously, snob alert. Here is how some of the night went.

We get there about an half hour late because my hubby had to go to Lowe's to get stuff for the massive construction project upstairs, we get there and couple #1 already have their dinners! Him: red snapper and her: BBQ ribs. We get the menu and almost fall off our chairs. My hubby is the pickiest pain in the butt when it comes to food, but even I didn't see anything I wanted on the menu, since they both said their meals weren't too good. We both got $8 burgers. It was either that or a $25 fish fillet or steak. Thanks, but no. The burgers were good though.
It was all downhill from there.

Scene: Paying the bill.
Hubby and I- easy just paid for our part that wife #1 told us we owed after she had tallied it all up.
Couple #2 argued about who owes who money and who was going to pay. (huh? what? Aren't you married and have a daughter and share money? - I was thinking)
Wife #1 works full time outside the home (which is totally fine, but just wait until you read what she says!)

Me: Wow, I don't remember what its like to have my own money. (totally joking around, and if she knew my humor it would have been funny.)
Wife1: You should get a job. If not just for the money than for your own sanity.
Me: I do just fine.
Wife1: Plus then you can buy all the Prada and Coach bags you want. (Yes people she was serious!)

After I got home I had one of those 'damn wish I said that' earlier moments. What I should have said to 'You should get a job' was 'I DO have a job, I am raising my children.' But Hubby was glad I didn't say that, it would have started a war! LOL!
*Disclaimer- I am SO not anti-mom's working....just her high and mighty that we had dinner with. I don't need to be told to get a job.

Earlier in the night she was saying how she loves her daughter's nap time. (Who is about a year younger than my Kid.) I told her that mine stopped napping sometime last summer. She says that she would lose her mind if her daughter stopped napping. WHAT? I was thinking, seriously the 2 days a week you are home with her you would lose your sanity if she didn't take an hour nap?!?!

I totally understand if you are a working mom and need to get other stuff done during naps, or have a little quiet time when you are home with your kid. But she acted like she would just jump off a bridge if she had to spend too much time with her daughter. It just killed me.

My Hubby has a long history with both these other hubby's they were both in our wedding so we have also known these wives for a long time. This is not the first time we have seen this side of her. But, oh man, we won't be 2 on 2 with them again anytime soon. And even Hubby agreed.

Needless to say, couple #2 owes us big time. As soon as their little man is better we will be going out with them and I am sure we will have much more to talk about.

And the grandparents are home. They love to be early. When we got home last night the Kid was still up playing with grandma & grandpa at 10:30. He didn't get to sleep until I was SO glad when we were able to sleep until 9am! But, at 10am we got a call the gram & pop (from Fl) were about 45 min away! WHAT?! I wasn't expecting them until the afternoon. I didn't clean out the fridge where they are staying, I didn't wash the bathroom floor yet, I didn't even take a shower! So everything got pushed aside and I took a shower and welcomed my Gram & Pop home. These are the Kid's GREAT grandparents we are living with when they are home in the summer.


AndreAnna said...

I work full-time and you know what? I would have told her off. LOL

AndreAnna said...

Oh and I don't own one coach or prada bag. Mainly because I have to, you know, eat and have heat and stuff.

Feener said...

yea, i want to work so i can own a prada bag. what an idoit. why are people such idoits ??

Sherry said...

Hey there's one in every crowd. I think she is just totally jealous cause you don't HAVE to work and you can stay home and enjoy your life.

CPA Mom said...

I work to pay the bills. I have never even SEEN a prada or coach bag. she is a fucktard.