Monday, May 19, 2008

Changing the Sheets at 5AM

Why is it when you have certain plans to do certain things your kid messes it all up?? Not on purpose of course, but still!
A friend of mine had a baby a few weeks ago and I promised to make a meal for her and her family. I always make my kick ass simple ziti, buy a bag of Caesar salad and a loaf of garlic bread. I made the ziti yesterday and was supposed to drop it off to her after I dropped off the Kid at school today, and wouldn't you know it at 4:30 this morning he wakes up throwing up all over the place. ugh.
And why oh why does it take SO long for a man to strip the sheets off the bed and remake it while I am sitting on the cold bathroom floor with a 38 pound sleeping kid in my lap while my back is doing spasms??
I am so freaking tired this morning.
So I waited 6 hours after the puking to give the Kid any food. So he has had two pieces of plain toast and some water so far and he seems to be just fine. I don't think he ever had a fever, and he is running around here like nothing is wrong. Maybe it was just the dinner he ate at the diner last night...
He had 1/2 a roll, 1/2 my cream of turkey soup, all his scrambled eggs, 2 strips of bacon, all 5 of his silver dollar pancakes AND 1/2 of my chocolate pudding! I think I wanted to puke just watching him eat. It is so funny that some days he will eat like a bird and then, well there is last night.
I feel like I totally jinxed myself. I was actually lying in bed last night thinking before I went to sleep. 'His celebration at school for his birthday is Wed (since his BD is in July) I so hope he doesn't get sick because there is a BD everyday until the end of school (lots of summer bd's in his class.) Who would I switch with? Would they double up?' How sad it that?? I actually was thinking that just hours before he blew chunks all over my floor. Damn.
So I will call my friend (who now lives 40 min away) and see if she wants me to drop off their dinner...or wait until Wed when I can drop it off to her at her son's school which is only 5 min from my son's school. We both moved and kept our kids in the schools they were in.

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Swistle said...

Up in the night + barfing = the worst. Actually, no: up in the night + chocolate pudding + barfing = the worst.