Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

May 1st? Seriously, today is May 1st?!?! That is the 5th month people, this year is almost half way over! Memorial Day weekend and the little thing we like to call around here at the Jersey Shore - Benny time - is only 4 short weeks away. Argh, the traffic is awful!!! Plus you have to go over one of 3 bridges in this area to go anywhere. Thank goodness they finally replaced one and it never goes up anymore.
I am halfway done with this pregnancy already. 20 weeks tomorrow. I am excited for the next couple days...tomorrow being the big one. :)
Boy or Girl?

And then Saturday the Kid is going to sleep over at grandma's and grandpa's house and Hubby and I are going out to dinner with some friends and have a house to ourselves before the grandparents come home on Sunday. Whoo Hooo! Will I still get up 20 times to look and see if the Kid has fallen off his toddler bed? Probably, and then go pee for the 100th time of the day. (We do share a room now until we get upstairs and we can get the poor Kid a twin bed and his own room.)

Today, while the Kid and I were still in our PJs at noon, Hubby decided to go out and mow the back yard since the grandparents are coming home in 3 days. I went out for a minute and the next think I know the Kid is running out of the house all dressed in shorts, t-shirt, sneakers and his sun glasses on and sprinted over to his toy lawn mower to 'help'. It was hysterical! Then when daddy brought out the weed whacker, he went and got his toy one. It was very cute. I had to run inside and get the camera. Don't you love how he matched his black shorts and his blue shirt...and it was not even that warm today!

I made him change into pants for Shoprite. Do any of your food stores have a little playhouse that you drop your kid in? Shoprite has Scrunchies and he LOVES it. And now we are heading to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. I know you are all jealous. But I will have some more pictures for you tomorrow! :)

Oh and for the love of Rolaids! I finally got some heartburn recently. With the Kid I had it from the moment I conceived, I swear...but just within the last week or so, at night when I lay down, I have been getting it bad. I found the most awesome product ever! Soft Chew Rolaids! OMG, they are like candy. I had to suffer through that chalky gross Tums everyday 4 years ago.


AndreAnna said...

Those rolaids don't work as well for me. I wish they did because I think I could write on a blackboard for years with the amount of chalk in my system. I seriously eat like 12 tums a day if not more.

Only 12 more weeks (hopefully a little less), only 12 more weeks... chant with me....

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Send the little man over. My lawn is in desperate need of some mowing and weed whacking. I'm sure he would do a better job than our home owners association lawn service does.