Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well, it just started raining here around 8pm. It ended up being an awesome day!
The Kid and I went over to the boardwalk (<--check link for the specials/times/days!) on our own around 4:30 and got back around 7:30, and I have to say, all of you that live nearby need to get down there and have some cheap fun!! (I know there are a few of you nearby that read me.) We parked in the lot at the aquarium and it was FREE...although they were charging $5 in the lot right next to the rides. Then we walked down to the rides and he went on a couple, then at 5 they slipped like a slip cover over all the ticket signs and reduced all the tickets needed for each ride by about 1 or 2 tickets (depending on the ride). All of the rides he walked right on, and some of them he was the only one on it at all! That's how empty it was.
Then we went to Little Macs and got 2 burgers (reg $5.95 for $1.75 each), 2 sm fries (reg $3.95 for $1 each) and a large lemonade, I figured I could splurge for the $5 lemonade since I didn't pay to park....all for a whopping $10.97. That's as much as McDs.
Then a few games were only $1, so the Kid and I (and ONLY the Kid and I- so no one could beat us.) played the water gun game by the train and he won one of those red rubber balls that look like they are covered in nipples. Chuck E Cheese training did him well...he actually did really good!
Then on the way to the car we each got a soft serve ice cream cone for $1 EACH! It was awesome. And it was beautiful down there.

Hope you guys can all make it down one day in the next 2 weeks while the deals are going on. And the fireworks don't start until the end of June, so don't worry about going on a Thurs. It was seriously awesome and relaxing. Except for when we were eating and the freaking seagulls were almost dive bombing us. The rats with wings were freaking me out!

We also played mini-golf for his 1st time. We went to the cheap rooftop golf and I only paid $3 for him to play. And I am so glad it wasn't much more than that, because after the 1st 2 holes he just liked to go to each one and just plop the ball in, laugh and move on to the next one.

Of course, I didn't bring my camera because the battery was dead and it was a last minute decision to go down there before it rained and I didn't have time to charge it. :(


Feener said...

love it down there as well. did you know on easter weekend you can buy tickets at half price ??good forever

CMB said...

We were there on Friday, but at at Martell's and the food alone was $30. Then my bar tab was $18! We had left over tix for the rides though and parked on the street. I love the boardwalk. We go A LOT. We should meet up.

CPA Mom said...

Hi there - saw your comment on Ice Cream Mama's site and had to come on over. My husband is from Jersey and we're spending 3 days at the shore this July. I'll have to hit you up for some ideas on what to do with our 5 and 3 year old!