Friday, May 9, 2008

The Clumsy Husband

We had a fun trip to the ER thank goodness it wasn't for the Kid. My clumsy while drowsy husband hurt his left foot last night. He was coming back from the bathroom at 5am and stubbed his toes on a suitcase that was near the bed. When he woke up his foot was all swollen and bruised. My grandmother was here so she watched the Kid while I took Hubby to the ER. He had it x-rayed and sure enough, his little toe next to his pinky toe is broken.

So the toes are taped together and the poor thing is in a lot of pain. Now we have to go over to his mom's house to pick up her car for him to drive, since we both have manual vehicles. He won't be able to push on the clutch for a while.

Of course, he blames me that I left the suitcase there. But, it has been there for the last 5 days and he must have passed it 200 times since it's on the way to his side of the bed and his dresser and out the back door.

Luckily *knock wood* I have never broken a bone before. And I have only had one set of stitches when I was a freshman in HS. So I really don't know his pain...but then again he has never pushed a human being out of his body! HAHA! Men are such babies sometimes.


Cass said...

The FH broke a toe last year and you would have thought he was the victim of a racially charged gang bang shoot out.

That wasn't very PC of me. But he was a giant baby - let me know if you need a set of earplugs because your sympathy could turn into the desire to lunge at him with sharp forks in about 2 days.

AndreAnna said...

Luckily, I have a husband who doesn't whine much at all. However, I know that most men are big fat whiney babies. I agree with Cass. Get some ear plugs. STAT.

Sherry said...

OUCH but haha I agree with Cass and Andreanna, men are horrible when it comes to pain!! BABIES to the max!!!!!
Have fun while he is healing!!!!!! Poor you!!! Dang suitcase anyway huh? Men have to open their eyes and watch where they are going , but in his defense broken bones do hurt. And with them taping the toes together it has to hurt even more. If it gets too bad and swells more, take the dang tape off!!!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Good luck babying the baby. I find husbands harder to take care of than kids, you know.

CPA Mom said...

what do you mean sometimes. men are babies all the time! Ha!

*snort* over cass' comment.