Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back to the ER

Whew. It's been one heck of a weekend.
After the broken toe incident on Friday, we were back at the ER with the Kid on Sunday morning. He woke up and said his head was itchy. So he took a shower and hopefully washed whatever itchy gel that may have been lingering (I can NOT wait to get a bathtub!) and about an hour later I touched the back of his head and he had a lump. Not a 'just bumped my head' bump, but like a something is under the skin bump. So the Hubby does what he does best and freaks out. So I take the Kid to the ER alone. Hubby is no help when he starts asking all kinds of scary questions and freak out the Kid. Plus if there was any chance he may get a shot, Hubby would have left the room anyway and been no help. So I left broken toe home.
They said it is most likely swollen glands. He gave us a script for an antibiotic in case it is infected, and it seems to be getting a bit smaller and better now. But the Kid was itching the back of his head in his sleep last night. So we are going to a new pediatrician (finally) on Thurs to follow up and see if he wants us to check out a dermatologist or what to do next.

After we got back from the ER my gram and I started putting together dinner and making cupcakes. Then we went over to my MIL to see the family. The Kid loves to see his aunt & uncle over on that side that he doesn't get to see often. Then we came home and my mom came over and we had a nice dinner.
I didn't get my breakfast in bed or pampering all day, but it was a nice day with our family.

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anglophilefootballfanatic said...

I'm sorry the day wasn't filled with pampering and breakfast in bed, but if you enjoyed yourself, that's all that matters.