Friday, May 16, 2008

Is It Really Friday Now?

Wow. I really lost track of days this week. When I sat down at the computer yesterday I totally thought it was Friday when I posted the Friday Funnies.

The Kid went to his new doctor yesterday morning and all was well. The lumps have gone down so much they are almost gone. The Kid said the doctor was really funny and liked him. So I think we'll be happy there. And the big plus is that he is about 3 minutes away.

Did I mention that I also had an OB appointment on Wed?? Didn't think so. It was good. Good heartbeat, good blood pressure and I only gained about 2 pounds. Not too shabby. I also got to pick up my script for Rho Gam. For those of you who have positive blood, you are so lucky you don't have to worry about that. I have to go to the hospital between 26-28 weeks and get a shot, since I am O-. I have no clue what blood type the Hubby is, but the Kid is O+, so I have a god chance that the new kid could have + blood too. And if he is + then I have to get another shot after birth.
I also got my yummy orange sugar drink to chug before my next appointment next month. I am hoping all will be well again with the glucose test. I only had to do the 1 hr with the Kid, so I am praying I never have to do the 3 hr one.

It is a rainy crappy day here. Tomorrow (for real - Saturday) there is a cute fishing contest for ages 3-13 in a local pond and I am hoping the rain eases up a bit so we can go.


AndreAnna said...

Tomorrow is going to be gorgeous out! I know this because we are having an outdoor party and karma can't possibly hate me that much!

I'm b+ and mike is O-, so we got an O+ kid. At least for now!

Kellie said...

What kind of a moron doesn't know their blood type? Or that of her kid?

Oh. Right. That'd be me.