Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Whole Lot of Nothing

ok, I didn't do the pictures yet for our trip to Philly and the Please Touch Museum. I will...maybe tomorrow.

We just did a whole lotta nothing today, but still had a productive day. Amazing how that works. So here are a few things we did today.

~My 27 yr old brother came home from India yesterday He came over to visit this morning. He was there for about 2 months. A little background, my brother has become sort of our family's world traveler. He lived in Prague for about 2 years and that was about a year ago he came back. But he has travelled all over the place in Europe and Asia during and since that time. The Kid loves to look at maps and ask where is Uncle D now?? And he loves to sit and listen to the stories he tells. In India apparently they are having massive monkey issues. They are EVERYWHERE. He said they were funny and cute at first, but it wore off quick. You can't even leave your windows open over there without them getting in and stealing your food! Can't wait to see those pictures. The Kid already has one from Uncle's last trip to Thailand riding an elephant.
He came bearing gifts. Everything was handmade and bought on the streets of India. He gave the Kid this little carved drum that he told him to try to drive mommy crazy. I said that was impossible and it would take a lot more than a little drum to do that, plus I am practically there anyway. (crazytown)
He gave me a beautiful set of jewelry boxes (3) that nestled into each other. Also a gorgeous scarf and a wrap around skirt. I said that it would be a great skirt for a cover up at the beach since it won't close all the way around. He tells me 'nah, that skirt is huge' HA! Thanks Bro. It totally doesn't fit around my 5 month pregnant belly, but it is also beautiful and will be an awesome cover up for the beach! :) He said he also got me a bracelet, but he left it home.
I was very surprised by all the gifts. He isn't a cheap guy, but when you are travelling it's not like he stops and gets a job anywhere. He was purely living on what he made while he was here working before he left. Thanks!

~I did all the Kids sheets in the laundry today. That may not seem like much of a feat, but when he threw up on Monday I just threw his set in the wash (on cold) and Hubby put the spare set on temporarily. The Kid has the dust mite allergy, so his mattress in encased (that had to be taken off and washed too, in cold, which is why I did the rest in cold for that wash). I washed both sets of sheets in HOT water today and re-encased and all that jazz. Luckily he is still in his toddler bed, so it was a task I could do by myself, since Hubby was (and still is) working today. I can NOT wait for his big boy bed when we move upstairs!

~We just got back from seeing the Memorial Day fireworks around the corner from my house. OMG! What a plus to live at the shore. Traffic bites the big one, but there are much more positive than negative. We walked to this little beach and sat and could see the fireworks from the ocean. It was an amazing view. But, how many kids do you know fall asleep in the middle of a firework display? None....well, now you do. MINE! Thank goodness I brought the stroller along and I didn't have to carry him home. Hubby and our construction guy were also working until 10pm last night upstairs (all the power tools going) and the Kid slept right through that too. And a few weeks ago we had a thunder storm around 5am, Hubby and I sat up and thought there was some sort of explosion that the house shook. The Kid? Sound asleep.

~Can't wait for the rest of the weekend. My dad just got back from hunting in Alaska. Yes, all the way over there. Usually he goes to Canada or upstate NY, but for some reason Alaska seemed like the good idea. Can't wait to hear the stories. Tomorrow is also his birthday. So we are going over there for some dinner and cake. Oh yea, and my step-dad...his birthday is Monday. Funny coincidence right? A day apart...oh wait, no, many many YEARS apart. My mom married a man that is only 6 years older than my Hubby. GO MOM! ;)

And eventually I will post my pictures from the museum.


Sherry said...

I so enjoyed reading about your day and your brother and his travels. He is teaching history to your son in a fun, first hand experience way.
The gifts sound awesome, I imagine the jewlery boxes are absolutely beautiful as you bracelet. When your brother brings it to you. He leads such an interesting life huh?
The fireworks over the ocean, oh yeah, just call me JEALOUS!!! I so love the ocean. I could just sit on the shore and watch 24/7 and never tire of it. It fascinates me and love our days spent there. It's not often now so I do treasure the rare times we go.
Your dad in Alaska, that's where I want to take a cruise someday. I hear it's beautiful. MMM maybe that's why I love the show Men In Trees, the scenes they show.
Go mom is right huh? :)
Have a good "party" today.

AndreAnna said...

Sounds like a great weekend so far!

I have to admit though, as much as the traffic usually sucks around here, it hasn't been nearly as bad as years past. I guess the gas prices are really hurting people.