Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Something to Bitch About

Insurance Company's.

I got a bill today from my OB for $865. YIKES! So I called the office and they said that the insurance company has put my bills on pending. Well, it is from 3 different appointments (all ultrasounds) from January (6 week check since I had the miscarriage last October), March (the downs test) & this last one on Friday (the anatomy scan).

I called the insurance company and they said they are having "technical issues." And that it is all on their end and it should be straightened out in 30-60 days from the time the started trying to fix it (which he didn't have a start date of that.) But I think it was before March 3rd, because I was in Florida and got really sick and was trying to get an in-network doctor and they were having problems then and told me there was one doctor nearby that I could go to. SO I called the office to see if I could get in, that doctor wasn't there anymore, but she said I could come in. I got there and the doctor that was there didn't take NJ HMO. So I had to pay $75 out of pocket for the visit, since it was already 4:30, I was sick as a dog and there was no way in hell that I was going to an ER in the senior citizen capitol of Ft Myers. So the $75 was well worth the 1 hour I was there. Since it would have taken hours at the ER and still cost $50.

Anyway, a little off the main topic, sorry. So I called back my office and left them a message that we are on pending until they can sort it out.
I feel bad, I am not one to pay bills late and my darn insurance company already is backed up since January. I know the doctors probably make money hand over fist, but they still have their own bills to pay too. Especially the malpractice for OB's here in Jersey. It's crazy.
I wanted to talk to the guy from the HMO longer, but the connection was bad and he really wasn't much help. I didn't think of it at the time, but my February and April visits seem to be paid for. At least they aren't on this bill. WTF?

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Sherry said...

Doesn't it make you wonder just why you pay insurance to begin with ? Sometimes the frustration is so high when it comes to them paying up.
I hope for your sake all will be straightened out fast, you don't need that addes hassle, that's for sure.