Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rejected Again

Well, I got my '98 Jetta inspected today since it is due to be done before the end of the month.
Now I have a big fat red REJECTED sticker on it. I think my car's feelings are hurt. No one likes to be rejected. Especially for all to see. It's not the first time my poor car has failed...but at least last time there was a crack in the exhaust system that we just didn't know about.
You wanna know why my car failed? The back 2 tires are bald on one side. Seriously, that's it. My step-dad is a mechanic and he can't believe the guy actually noticed that. So now I have to get new tires AND go back and get my REJECTED sticker peeled off.
Here in NJ you are supposed to get 45 days to get your car rechecked or you are 'subject to a full reinspection' and we don't want that! What if my check engine light comes on in the meantime? (That has happened already too.) BUT on the failure form they give you it says right below that line 'if you do not get your car inspected by 6/30/08 you can be subject to registration suspension.' WHAT?? Where is my 45 days?
Damn Jersey. Poor car. Thank goodness my step-dad is a mechanic or I would have been in big trouble over the last 12 years that I have since owned 2 Jetta's (an '86 and '98). Let's just say we are never buying a VW ever again.


Tranny Head said...

Yeah, good old Jersey. You KNOW there's something wrong with a state that doesn't let you pump your own gas.

At least it's not TOO obscenely painful to fix the problem. It's always miserable when they tell you something's REALLY really wrong that will cost $40000000000.

Sherry said...

Awwwwwwwww poor lil car and now it has a scarlet "sticker"
I am so thankful WA doesn't have inspections, I went through that in NY oh what a royal pain.
I know once you get your tires all will be aok!!!
I have tagged your for a meme so you will have to come over and read !!!