Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend Recap

Wow! What a beautiful holiday weekend we had over here at the Jersey Shore.

On Friday we went strawberry picking. They are starting to get mush already! I thought they would last much longer when you get them right off the vine. But they were much cheaper than the store, so it's all good.

Saturday we just bummed around and then went to the fireworks.

There was traffic galore coming down here on Sunday...thank goodness I was going the opposite way to my dad's house. My brother and my grandfather were also there visiting for my dad's birthday. The Kid is so lucky to have 3 GREAT-grandparents still around. We got some more stories from India. My brother said that they WORSHIP cows over there like you wouldn't believe. The McDonald's (yes, of course they still have McD's) doesn't even sell burgers in most parts of India. Families will never kill their own cows, they use them only for milk and cheese, etc. Most of the country is vegetarian, except for the few that will eat chicken and fish...but that's about it. That is how my brother lost about 20 pounds...mmmm maybe I should get over to India for my diet. Nah, I can't stand curry. Which they have tons of different types of curry over there and my brother loved every minute of it. Plus they swim all.the.time. So he always had his workout in too.

Yesterday was a little windy, but we went on a nice bike ride down to the little beach near us. It is awesome to know that I still have all the balance to ride around with the Kid on the back. We love the bike. And when I told him that this would be the last summer he could ride on the back he was not happy about it. Mostly because he is almost 40 lbs and that is the limit on the seat...not to mention next year the baby will be in it and he is going to have to learn to ride his own bike!

And now today. As I sit here looking out the window there is the trickle of rain. Not fun. But I guess it has to rain sometime. We really lucked out this weekend, weather wise. There is a hanging plant outside my window on the front steps and I am watching these 2 little sparrows flying in and out of it with nest supplies. I guess we will getting baby birds soon!


Bethany said...

Strawberries freeze nicely- I have about six tons in my freezer!

Sherry said...

My gosh but those strawberries look soooooooooo yummy. I love picking them but problem is more go in my mouth than the box!!
Just reading about your week end then your description of the slight drizzle, the birds building a nest, awwwwwwwww sounds so peaceful!!!!

Kellie said...

I say what Bethany says: freeze those bad boys!

Sounds like a nice weekend--I am SO happy the weather was great three days in a row. It's humid here today and getting dark--I can hear the thunder rumbling in already.

Tranny Head said...

Ok, first off, one summer when I was a kid we went strawberry picking. We picked a ton of berries and then put them in the freezer. Then we had a hurricane. Then they all melted and strawberry juice ran under the washer and dryer. It sucked.

Second, I plan on getting one of those kid tow-cart things for the bike. Well - when I finda place to bike that's kinda flat - there will be no towing this huge kid of mine uphill.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you'll be back - I need to figure out a way to get the Burgh's mom to start promoting me on her website and bringing more MORE MORE readers!