Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Construction Upstairs

OK, quick back story on our living situation.

We sold our house and moved into my grandparents house last January. They were thinking of selling since they are in Florida for most of the year, but my grandfather moved into this house when he was 6 months old. So this house is a big part of our family and we didn't want to see it go. So Hubby and I offered to buy it off them.

Our plan was to gut the whole second floor since it hadn't been done since the 1950's. The windows, insulation, walls etc were so old and SO not efficient. This was all supposed to be done and us moved in upstairs by the time they came back from Florida. In the meantime we are living in the only bedroom on the 1st floor, their bedroom.

Well, they will be home on Sunday, yes, this Sunday. They weren't supposed to be home until the end of the month, but things came up. And upstairs is just studs. No insulation, no sheet rock, no bathroom, nothing. There has been a ton of work done already. A few unforeseen obstacles. But we aren't done.

In the back the garage has been long ago converted into my grandfather's bar. It's a full bar, plus kegorator. Lots of fun! But smelly, dusty and just plain old dirty. My mom took the day off and came over today and did a total once over so my grandparents could live out there.

They totally suggested it, and are actually looking forward to living out there until the upstairs is done. My mom did a wonderful job today. It really looks livable. On Saturday we are going to finish up bringing in the bed and having it all set up for when they get home on Sunday.

I am very excited for them to come home. Especially on nights like tonight. When the Hubby is working late and I am home alone with the Kid. It will be nice to eat dinner every night with a grown up and make real food. Hubby has been working a lot of nights lately to be able to take the morning working upstairs.

The Kid is even more excited. We went to visit them the 1st week of March in Fort Myers (awesome beach!) and ever since we got home he has been asking all the time when will they be coming home.

Here are a couple pictures of the upstairs when the windows went in last December. I haven't taken any recent ones...but I will update soon.
All the panelling is gone now, thank goodness.

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Kellie said...

So, the months your Grandparents are not in Florida, they will be living in the house with you? How sweet :)

I love the windows!!