Saturday, April 5, 2008

Missing the 5K

We finally have a beautiful day in NJ! We got out nice and early (meaning 10:30ish) and got out to watch a 5K race (3.1 miles) in the next town over. My hubby was volunteering for the race for the running club we belong to and I was chasing after the kid at the playground.

I was so jealous that I couldn't run today. It was a perfect running day...oh and when I say running, I really mean jogging slow. I am not a 'runner' with the tiny shorts and sports bra in the races, far from it. Good God people I am a DDD, I'm lucky I don't get black eyes when I run. Although, I have the BEST sports bra, Enell Sports Bra - Welcome Keeps the girls from moving an inch. I swear.

We ran this race last year and I finished in just over 37 min. That is only a 12 min mile. Not too fast. The 1st place female was at about a 6-7 min mile pace. FAST! I can't wait to start up again after I pop out this peanut. By March next year he/she will be 6 months old and can go in the jogging stroller...while my almost 5 year old can be running with me. I can't wait!


AndreAnna said...

Running a 5K is one of my goals for 2009, so maybe I'll be there with you!

Kellie said...

I don't run. Ever. Only way that'll happen is if some big dude with a gun is chasing me and even then? What's the point? You can't outrun a bullet!!

A DDD?! Seriously? Now I REALLY feel small with my 36NB. Yes, NEARLY B. Who in the HELL is a NEARLY?!

CPA Mom said...

It takes me 34 minutes to run 2 miles - you go girl!

I was an F before I had reduction surgery. I love my C!