Saturday, April 26, 2008

Planting and Cleaning

Whew! I am beat. The Kid and I have done more for the Earth in the last 2 days than I have all least it feels that way.

Yesterday we went and planted a tree at a school that needed some new shade trees. This school was about an half an hour away near where we used to live, and it started at 3:30. Bad timing for the Kid who never naps...unless we have a longer than 5 minute drive in the afternoon. Poor thing fell asleep and missed the first half an hour, but I made sure to secure a spot and a tree so he could plant when he woke up. The ground was SO hard, I had to have one of the men there get it started for us.

(Yes, that is me with the Kid. It's the 1st full body picture of me pregnant, and I don't think I look as huge as I feel!)

(And yes, he is kissing the tree.)

So proud of his little Red Oak.

Today we went to the beach by our house and spent an hour cleaning up about 15 wrappers, 8 cigarette filters, tons of little pieces of styrofoam, 5 cans, 1 glass bottle, 1 plastic bottle, and much more. I wasn't going to go at all since it had rained last night. And I mean it really rained. A huge thunder clap woke me around 5:30 this morning. But, by 9 it was drying up and the sun was trying to peak out. The other day, when the Kid was sand swimming, he kept bringing me all the garbage he was finding on the beach, so I said to him to save it for Saturday. He remembered this morning when I said it was Saturday and he was so excited to go clean up the beach. As much as I wanted to crawl back into bed since I was up for about about an hour of that storm, he jumped up and wanted to get dressed and started searching for his gloves. I am so proud of him!

Unfortunately, there is always an injury. In the 1st picture you see that little yellow rope behind the Kid. Well, I had stepped one foot on the other side to get a piece of garbage off the dune and when I stepped back he had moved to the other side of me and I literally kicked him in the head. The shiny stuff is 1st aide cream, because before I realized after that I actually scratched his head he was rubbing it with his dirty gloves. Nice. Right?


AndreAnna said...

Yo go girl! I am entirely too pregnant to be picking up someone else's trash and if I did, I'd be so out of breathe and angry at the whole situation, I'd try and track them down and shove their cigarette butts up their noseholes.

Sherry said...

Oh poor baby and his booboo head but on the bright side great job for the tree planting and cleaning up the beach.
You are raising him to respect the earth and to make sure he isn't like the ones that do throw their trash around. Dang makes you wonder what their houses look like, huh??