Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sucky Waiter (W. UPDATE)

Let me start off by saying that I have been a bus-girl and waitress for years before and during college. I was a damn good waitress. We frequent restaurants much more often than we should or can afford. (We go out or get take out around 3-4 times a week.) And I never complain or send food back and I always tip 18-20%. I know it's a tough job and that tips are all you really get.
That being said, we had the suckiest waiter ever at TGIF last night. And it really wasn't that busy, it was a Monday night for Pete's sake!

Here's what we ordered:
kids chocolate milk
substitute boneless buffalo chicken instead of wings
no onions on my salad

Here's what we got:
kids chocolate shake (which he charged us for and I didn't realize my kid was drinking a shake with dinner until we saw the bill - and the choc. milk was included in the kids eat free on Mondays)
diet Coke (this was for hubby and just ick)
the wings (and it took about 15 more min to get the boneless, and he charged us an extra $1 but didn't tell us that part when we ordered)
and my tomato, mozzarella salad was covered with onions (I decided to just leave it and pick through, although he did notice and asked if I wanted a new one)

Our bill came and it was $41...I gave him a $25 gift card and my debit card, which I made SURE the gift card was on top of the debit. He ran the total amount with my debit. wtf?
Some girl came over and said she would only run through the total I write on the receipt which was $16 something plus tip. We only tipped $5. He was THAT bad. And I always start at 20% and if service is not the best I never give less than 15%. This guy was BAD!

I just checked my pending transactions on my online banking...and it's $41! I am pissed! They will be getting a visit from me today if it doesn't fix itself by the time it's posted. I'll keep you updated.

UPDATE: My pending transaction went through this morning. It is at $21. I don't have to open up a can of pregnant whoop ass on them. Lucky them.


AndreAnna said...

The pending transactions for restaurants are almost always different/more than when they post. Wait till it clears, then worry about it.

And I hate bad service. We don't go out often because my kid has a span of about 20 minutes, but when we do, I expect it to be worth it!

Sherry said...

Hi I came over from Kellie's blog and have read your post. First of all your son is adorable!!!
Second yeah I would be po'ed too and march right back and DEMAND they correct your bankcard. Why the hell do they have gift cards if the idiots don't know how to ring them up and seem to "fake" it , grrrrrrrrrrr.
I worked in retail forever it seems and I always did what I could for customers, cause without them I wouldn't have a job.
Same applies to the waiters, waitresses etc so learn how to do things right!!!! My daughter was a hostess and waitress, worked her buns off and lived off her tips, so I too tip big!!!!
You are right the stimulus checks will be out in May. They mail according to SS # but only a few days separate and all will get the $$ in May. If you e-filed you get it fast, so hopefully you did e-file, we did and now I am waiting for $$$!!!

Anonymous said...

Bad service makes me FURIOUS!! I, too, tip well because I know they it's not easy work. But, if the service sucks canal water, forget it.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

You are much kinder than I am. If service really, really sucks, I go with 10%.

CMB said...

Hi! Found you on DOAMM. This post was great. I too have been a waitress/bartender and tend to over tip - but this was bad. Way bad. You did the right thing.
Where at the shore are you? My parents are in Spring Lake Heights and I am about 35 minutes away from them off Rt. 18 North.
Love reading other Jersey Girls blogs.