Monday, April 28, 2008

Countdown to Friday!

As you can see from my little countdown, this Friday, May 2nd is when we find out whether our new little bundle will be wearing all of the Kid's hand-me-downs or we will be going out and buying lots of pretty pink dresses.

I am so anxious to find out. That is why I could never wait until September and we actually see the real parts. I have no real desire to hear the doctor say "It's a ..." I just want to know what is coming and just pray that he/she is healthy.

We found out with the Kid as soon as we could. But the funny thing is, except for his tons of little blue clothes, we still did everything in the nursery pretty neutral (greens) so we could still use it if we had a girl 2nd time around. We had my mom and my MIL there to share in the news immediately. This time, it's just going to be us and the Kid. I am so filled with joy to see him get all excited about the baby. He asks my belly all the time "Baby. What time you come out?" And just recently he will talk to my belly and say "Baby, I love you." It is the sweetest thing. I think he is going to be a wonderful big brother. He does so much on his own already. He gets himself dressed, gets his shoes and coat on. Even tonight when we went to the diner he went up and paid (with my $20) and waited for his change all by himself ...and much more "I can do it myself" things...except clean up his own toys. So I am hoping this will be a smooth transition for him. He is a really flexible kid. He had no problem moving and adjusted really quick and really well.

They will be about 4 years and 2 months apart (as long as baby comes on time.) And the Kid will be going to 5 days a week (1/2 day) pre-K in September. So, by the time the baby is 1, the Kid will be going into full-day kindergarten. I am so happy about that. Since I was able to bring the Kid to all kinds of mommy and me classes and spend 4 years of 1 on 1 time with him, I am thrilled that I can spend the same 1 on 1 time with the baby too.

I have had a couple dreams that this one is a girl, but now I am feeling more boy. I really have no clue and I didn't with the Kid either.

So, Friday is the big day. I will keep you all posted....I just hope the baby cooperates and shows us his/her bits!

What do you think I am having? I know there is only the one picture on the blog of me, just go with it and guess. :)


AndreAnna said...

I'm gonna say another boy. Just for the hell of it.

And I think some part of me knew Id have a son at some point, because Charlotte's room, all her swings, seats, and toys were all neutral. I knew we were gonna have more kids and I didn't want to waste the money on stuff I could only use with one.

Any names narrowed down? You can email me!

Sherry said...

I saw a girl, only because of the fantastic BIG BROTHER loving "her" all ready, and I am so sure ready to protect her!!! :)
Whatever the sex is, I know does't matter, but dang I am so excited to, want to hear what you are having. Counting down right there with you!!!

Sherry said...

That's I "say" a girl not saw oopsie!!!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I'd have to go with boy. I have no reason, just a little hunch. We shall see.