Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baseboard Problems

Little background: My husband and I sold our house last Jan and moved into my grandparents house. The house is probably about 80 years old. My grandparents are in Florida from Oct-May. We are living in their room downstairs for now while we are doing total renovation upstairs since it hasn't been done since the 1950's. We have come across so much stuff upstairs that I do not have time to tell you right now, I am just hoping we are done in time before they come home.
What happened tonight: Hubby was going to let the Kid play his Bob the Builder web site after we had dinner and noticed that the area rug under the desk in the dining room was all wet. Did the cats pee? Did you guys spill something? No.

The radiator baseboard is leaking! Really really bad. We just called our plumber that we have doing work upstairs and he is on the way over.
Thank goodness we were living here or no one would have know about it. The pipe is all corroded and would have happened anyway, since they heat would have been on real low. It likely would have ruined the floor and done more damage than I really want to think about.
I will write later and update on construction upstairs, b/c it will be so fun when I get to pick out paint and floors and all that stuff. I will also include before and after pictures.

Cross your fingers that it won't be too expensive and the plumber can fix this without turning off the heat, since it is still so chilly at night...where is spring??

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AndreAnna said...

Spring is off boinking winter somewhere, that effing whore.