Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Few Random Things

Oh oh, I almost went 2 whole days with out posting. It's just been too darn nice to be sitting inside and typing on the computer. I foresee posts every other day in the summer, because seriously, how many times do you guys want to read that I went to the beach...again.

Oh yea, by the way, I went to the beach yesterday. (heehee) It was so hot at my house that the Kid and I put on some shorts and traveled the long mile down to the ocean and we froze our asses off! The wind coming off the water was SO cold. Of course, my kid and the 20 other kids that were playing in the sand could have cared less. There was even one little girl with a tiny little spaghetti strap sundress on. I was really wishing I had a sweatshirt and jeans on.

My dad and step-mom came and stopped by yesterday afternoon after they got off work and we had some dinner with them. After we had some ice cream, the Kid was sitting on our tall stools that we have at the counter with his 'play' goggles on he leaned to one side and the whole thing fell over and hit him in the face. The goggles cut his face a little. I thought it would be so much worse. I tried to get a picture of it, but it just didn't come out that well. It really is just a little red scrape under his left eye that we totally thought was going to be a huge shiner today.

But I do have good pictures of his new toy. I went back to the consignment shop and bought him a Kettler scooter (with the 2 wheels in the back) for only $25. Brand new on Amazon is $119, on sale from $147! Another score! He rode up and down our driveway about 6 times, and we have a loooooong driveway. Hubby was working upstairs and decided to come out onto the roof to see the Kid riding his scooter, and the Kid had a fit that he couldn't go on the roof too. Seriously, a down right I took his best friend away. So the scooter time was over. And I had just gotten settled in my beach chair on the lawn with my new Parent's magazine and a bottle of water. Damn hubby.

I am seriously looking forward to a new food site a few of my bloggy friends have started. I even sent in a few recipes be on the lookout for Mozzarella Chicken (a dish with WINE! yum!) and Milano Chicken (a kind of cross between chicken parm with a pink sauce). Eat and enjoy!! It is also on the side of my page on my reader. Matriarch and Cass are the great minds behind it.
And can SOMEONE, please, tell me how I can just put Chop.Stir.Mix (and other sites) and let the words alone be the link without the whole http: // Thanks!!!


Cass said...

I'm so jealous that you went to the beach. And I love those scooter things...I think the scooter is this generation big wheel. Remember those? Ahh I loved the big wheel!

Thanks for the link to the new blog and can't wait for your chicken dish that sounds so delicious. Hope you get your beach chair/Parents magazine moment tomorrow!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

When you write your post, just type the words that you want to have appear as a link. Then highlight them and click the icon that looks like a chain link (it says "Link" when you hover over it). Put in the full url of the site you want to link to (including the http part), and it should work. Should.

I'm totally jealous of all the beach action. Feel free to write about it daily so that I can live vicariously through you.

AndreAnna said...

Yeah, I can't wait to post the chicken recipe!

And I wish my kid liked the beach so we could come hang out!

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

Listen to Burgh. She knows all. I can't imagine how cold the water is right now. BRRR! I think my son would have the same reaction about the roof. Boys want to do what daddy does.

Sherry said...

Beach??!!! wow it snowed here yesterday morning w/ promise of more to come!!!
I would love to live a mile from the beach!!
Love the pics and the lil scooter is awesome