Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cat Scratch Fever

Last week we got a knock on the door from a lady from the police department asking if we had any pets.
I told her yes, we have 2 cats. Only because I knew at any minute Zoe (the attention whore) would come up and rub against my legs. She is the nosiest cat I have ever had. Of course, this time she didn't. Apparently in this town we just moved into last January all dogs and cats must be registered. I have never registered a cat before so I had no clue. Abby & Zoe are indoor cats and have been fixed. I don't get it.

So now I need to get them updated on their rabies shot. I looked up their paperwork and their 3 year shot they got (duh) 3 years ago just expired in March, so now they will have to get a 1 year shot. They do NOT do well in the car. Do I bring them to a local vet and pay an arm & a leg or bring them about 25 minutes away to the county shelter and only pay $25 each? Zoe will poop and pee in the carrier within 5 minutes. Guaranteed. Argh. Yes, they are adorable and the best behaved cats with kids. They never, ever hissed, scratched or bit the Kid and we had the cats first. But they are the biggest pains in the butt. They have to be in bed with us most nights, until we kick them off 15 times a night. We have all hard wood floors and the funniest sound is them running chasing after a toy and then sliding into the couch. Mean, but funny.

Oh and I swear I did NOT name them after the Sesame Street characters! HAHA! It is pure coincidence that there is an orange puppet named Zoe and a new fairy named Abby!! They are almost 5 years old, way before we had a kid and way before that magic Cadabby. My idea was they were A to Z. Cute, right? But now they are muppets.
So here are my 'other babies'...

This is Abby. The photographic one.

This is Zoe, the attention whore...I took about 10 pictures of her, but everyone she blinked.

Does Abby smell the fish I just ate?? Zoe looks pissed.

They are sisters that I adopted from a shelter, but almost look nothing alike, except for the orange they both have on their bellies and the orange strip on their noses.

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AndreAnna said...

If you don't mind splurging a little, they have vets that do home service and you won't have to take them anywhere.