Friday, April 25, 2008

5 Years

Today is my 5 year anniversary. I can't believe it has been 5 years. It feels like my wedding was only like a minute ago....except for the kid and my extra 40 pounds.

We met on the boardwalk while we were both working as special Police Officers in the summer of '99. I went back to college for one more semester, and we started officially started dating around Easter of 2000. We moved in together into a rent controlled apartment in North Jersey closer to where he works and lived there 3 years. He popped the question on New Year's Eve of 2001 at our apartment before we went out for the night. It was one of those moments I knew was coming, I just didn't know when. I had picked out my ring the summer before and was just waiting. :)

I planned my wedding at the Barclay for the next year. It was huge, over 200 people. Everyone had the best time. We still get compliments that they never had a better time at a wedding then at ours. It was an entire beach theme. Surprised? My invitations had a seashore theme and had blue lettering. I gave away dried starfish as magnets (which now I kinda think was cruel, I should have handed out silver ones or something.) My 5 tier cake had white chocolate shells cascading down the side of it. My 5 bridesmaids were in a beautiful blue. We had our pictures taken on the beach before the reception. It was such a great day.

Of course it did have it's fair share of 'whoops!' I lost a contact lens and I had to ask a neighbor that was coming to the wedding from North Jersey to pick up more for me. Thank goodness she had a key to our apartment. I was able to put it in at the church, right before I walked down the aisle. My hair was just not as good as the trial run, but it was still nice. Myself and my girls were getting ready at my mom's house...and she has a black cat. I had black hair all over my dress between the layers! I have a picture of everyone lint rollering me before we left! We were late getting to the church because the guys took their sweet ass time doing their shots and getting their asses to the church first, since we only had one limo/bus. Of course, Hubby says I was the one who was late to the church. It rained throughout the reception, which was fine, since it held out for our pictures. All my underage cousins were drunk...but most of the guests were drunk anyway, so no one noticed. After the fact, I found out that Hubby was almost left at the reception hall. Luckily one of his cousins was still there and drove him to the hotel. We had a taxi/vans transporting everyone from the Barclay to The White Sands. Later we also found out that another one of Hubby's cousin's also puked on someones lawn on the way to the hotel.

But all in all, we had a wonderful night. And I was married to a wonderful guy and a wonderful father. I don't think I'll trade him in just yet. ;)

I seriously wish I had some pictures saved on the computer to show you, but I don't. They are packed away right now. If I can get some scanned one day after I unpack them, I will share!

We went out to dinner tonight to one of our new favorite places since we moved and I am so full you could roll me out. My mom was at our house watching the Kid. As good as the Kid is at restaurants (which he is very good), it was so nice to have a dinner without telling him to eat or he won't get his ice cream or to sit down or don't break the crayons 11 billion times.

And I had a beautiful vase of flowers delivered to me while Hubby was at work.

Hubby is reading the Kid his bed time stories now, and as soon as I am done with this. I am passing out.

*Hubby, I love you and I am so happy you got stuck with me.*

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CPA Mom said...

we just celebrated 7 years on the 27th of May. Happy Anniversary!