Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Big Kid

It's time to reminisce about my baby. I was going through a bunch of my old pictures last night and feeling so sad about the baby I don't have anymore. I now have a little boy, a preschooler, a big kid.

First Day of School
He will be 4 this summer and then become a big brother in Sept. For the first 2 years of his life I seriously thought he would be an only child. He didn't have colic, he didn't cry all the time but ... it was the mere fact that he was still getting up every 2-3 hours for 18 months to breastfeed! I decided I had to have my body back and stop. It took another month and a half to wean, but I got it done. I know it was all our fault. I moved out of our house for 2 weeks while we did some renovations on our house when the Kid was about 6 months old. I ended up co-sleeping with him and it was SO much easier to bf in the middle of the night if I didn't even have to get up!
I look back now and realize I could have had it so much worse. He was such a good baby, we just didn't know it at the time.
Now I get to start all over again. Gaining weight, labor, child birth, sore nipples, little/no sleep, diapers, first smile, first laugh, first steps, first teeth, first haircut, potty training, first day of school.
I seriously can't wait!


AndreAnna said...

Cute pics!

Kellie said...

He's so adorable!!

Sherry said...

He is so adorable and yeah time flies doesn't it? Wow 4 yrs old, he is growing up but know what? I bet he will be the best big brother around!!!

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

We had the same playmat that is in the first one. It sucks that they grow, doesn't it?